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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ethel Phebus.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 If you don't mind, I have to look after my husband... 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Good to see you again. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Sorry, but I don't have time to talk right now. I'm going back to the ranch. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Walter! My husband's... No, it can't be! 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Not right now. I've got to make sure my husband gets enough rest. He's much too involved in this Gunderson business for his own good. Maybe tomorrow. 5
VMS25EthelPhebusTopic001 {Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 He's got his reasons. And when that man gets a notion stuck in his head, he's like a Bighorner bull that's seen red. 6
Neutral 50 And if it means Heck Gunderson's involved, then you better step aside before the stampede tramples you over. 7
{Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 It's not my place to say much, Walter thinks this is a man's job. I swear, I won't see the day he'll get over that Heck Gunderson. 8
VMS25EthelPhebusTopic002 {Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 Oh, a good ways west of here, in a place you've never been. Far as we concerned, only name it ever had was "Phebus Ranch." 9
Neutral 50 That was before we lost some land to Heck Gunderson. The bank demanded payment in full the day after the Stockmen's Association bailed it out. 10
VMS25EthelPhebusTopic003 {Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 If that's what you want to talk about, go see Walter. He'll talk your ear off. 11
Neutral 50 Everything he says about the evils of Heck Gunderson is true, but I've never held the notion that fighting evil with evil carries the world forward. 12
{Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 I'm done talking about that man. If that's what you want, step on over to Walter. 13
VMS25EthelPhebusTopic004 {Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 A good life if you don't mind hard work. The only real fuss is the constant bother with varmints. 14
Neutral 50 Fail to catch Molerats early in their breeding, and you'll have three or four head breaking their ankles in Molerat holes every day. 15
Neutral 50 Of course, the worst varmint at all is a Brahmin Baron with his hands in the pockets of a Republic senator. {'Course} 16
Neutral 50 That's a problem you can't solve with a Varmint Rifle, though I fear my husband's apt to try. He's got Heck Gunderson in his sights right now. 17
VMS25EthelPhebusTopic005 {Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 All right, goodbye. 18
{Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 That's very kind of you. Maybe this'll be the dawn of a new day. 19
{Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 I'm not surprised. You don't see folks rushing to help each other around here. 20
VMS25EthelPhebusTopic031 {Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 I don't suppose you have the magic powers necessary to bring my husband to his senses, do you? 21
Neutral 50 He swears he won't leave this godforsaken city until he's seen Heck suffer. So far as I can see, we're the only ones in pain. 22
{Placeholder for player topics} Neutral 50 As I was saying, I'd be grateful if you could convince Walter to give up this doomed crusade of his. 23