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The Eta Psi House terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Judy's terminal

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Eta Psi House - Chapter President Judy Lowell

Personal Journal

A place to gather my thoughts.


I don't say this lightly - I nearly peed myself today.

All was dark and quiet at the speakeasy, as expected. Until I went to the back room and came face to face with one single giant eyeball and a floating brain.

I ran straight back home until Lewis could explain to me what a General Atomics Robobrain was doing in the cellar. He slipped a note under his door that said, "Need drink tester."

I'm worried. How did he even get ahold of this technology? What is he using it for? When is he going to tell me what's going on?


I just found out that Lewis's mother works at General Atomics - not from him, of course. How we've known each other for this long without that coming up, I don't know.

Anyways, that explains where he got the Robobrain from. It doesn't explain HOW he got it, if it's safe... if it's legal. Lewis wouldn't endanger the rest of us, right?

"Biv" himself isn't so bad, but I can't have word getting out about him. Not until I know everything. Gosh... I just don't know if I even have time to investigate this.

New Pledges

The new pledges are thrilled about the Nukashine Initiative. They stayed up late to prepare the speakeasy for opening, and one even designed a professional label for us. I don't know if they would have joined the fraternity if not for all this.

I don't know how to feel about it. I was excited about this at first - more excited than anyone. But now I feel like it's spirallingIn-game spelling out of control.

I think it's too late to stop. The money is spent, the word is out... and everyone's depending on me to bring this to fruition. Etpets have always been the underdogs, and for the first time ever, we're on top of the school. How could I possibly let them down?

Supply Room

I had to lock the supply room at the speakeasy today. With everything that's going on in my mind these days, I'm bound to lose track of the password, so here it is: SHINE. Ironic, right?

If anyone finds out what Lewis has back there, what he's adding to the Nukashine recipe... it will be bad. I hope I can forget about it and put on a good face for everyone.

Tonight's the big night. Nukashine's invited to the biggest party of the year, and for once, Etpets are too. If anything goes wrong, I'll take the fall for them. I know this can't last forever. But... it'll be worth it. Right?

Pledge Guidelines

Eta Psi Epsilon Tau Greek Society
Pledge Guidelines

Greetings, Etpets! I've been asked some questions regarding Article IV, Section 5(d) of our chapter bylaws so for the sake of clarity I decided to briefly outline our fraternity acceptance and initiation guidelines.

All potential Eta Psi pledges must:

- Maintain an average GPA of 3.85 at all times
- Currently have a Chemistry-related Major or Minor
- Be actively involved in at least 2 forms of community outreach
- Love board games! (Just a little joke, this isn't a real requirement)

General Initiation Guidelines

- Absolutely no hazing or mistreatment of any sort! All members are expected to fully comply with all official university policy.
- Be courteous and kind! Treat pledges as you would like to be treated.
- Be helpful! If a pledge is struggling in coursework, offer to be a study buddy!

This is obviously a very general overview, so please review the chapter bylaws for more detailed information.

Thank you for your attention. Go Etpets!

The Nukashine Initiative

Eta Psi Epsilon Tau Greek Society
The Nukashine Initiative

Greetings, Etpets! I'd like to address several questions about when we can clear brewing equipment from the garage and restore the chemistry lab.

Well, I have wonderful news! We've leased a cellar near campus where our dreams will soon be realized. Introducing The Nukashine, a super trendy speakeasy and distillery where we'll now brew our signature drink! It will even have a hidden Nuka-Cola door!

I know this little project has grown into anything but little. I know that it has been a great distraction and hurt our studies. But why else do we go to class but to succeed in life?

Nukashine has real buzz around campus, and we're just getting started. Lewis recently stumbled onto a top secret ingredient that will make our moonshine the best alcoholic beverage ever made! Truly exciting times are ahead!

Join me in the commons room tonight for a truly epic party. I might just break out the confetti and streamers!