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Escort Technician is a quest in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It is located in the Secret Vault - facilities 1.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Talk to the technician;
  2. Go through the vent and deactivate the force field;
  3. Escort the technician to safety.

Detailed walkthrough

Patty knows the mutants are coming, and she asks you to help them escape before it's too late. She needs you to escort a technician to the system that controls the vault's ventilation shafts. She gives her access card to get you started.

The technician is waiting at the Facilities One entrance. Open the door and reach a laser gate. The technician asks you to deactivate the gate through a alternative, narrow hallway to the north. Pick up some valuable loot in two rooms here while eliminating Tesla robots and double back south to deactive the first gate.

To disable the second laser gate, enter the southern narrow passageway, jumping over steambursts. Pick up a Tesla armor and enter the robot factory. Find the fabrication console in the center of the room and shut down the factory by turning off the three active consoles. Then turn of the second gate and now the technician can pass through this area safely.

Continue north and reach the room to Facilities Two and Three. The technician will begin his work to open one of the doors. You must keep the robots at bay while he works on the computer consoles. The technician finally deactivates the security robots via the computer and unlocks the door to the east which leads to Facilities Two.


Quest stages

1 Escort a vault technician to the facilities command console.
2 Your technician has died a horrible, gruesome death. Return to the level entrance to get another technician.
3Quest finishedProtect the technician while he's accessing the command console.