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This is a transcript for dialogue with Observer Errol.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
55 0062D8EF 0062DBB5 With each communion, the tomes here should reveal more Truth to you. How enviable... Intrigued, but then some seething jealousy
56 0062DBB7 Mmm. Your smell. Alluring. Makes me want to... rip you open. Likes what he... smells?
57 0062DBB8 The Wise One is the only one who understands. The only one who can show me what I must see. Who I must see. To himself
58 0062DBB9 The Wise One always leaves when they begin to scream. Why? Does he not find them worthy? Or me? Surely not. To himself, slight confusion
59 0062DBBA Before my first communion, I was lost. A rabid dog eating table scraps. Now he has shown me to my seat at the finest restaurants... For the finest meals. Appreciative
60 0062DBBB The tomes we keep here speak truths that not all can see. Can you read them, I wonder? Can you peer upon them all? Genuine curiosity
61 0062DBBC Your eyes. They are like my own. Learning. Hungry... Perhaps hungrier still. Do the tomes here tell you more than me I wonder? Fascinated
62 If only I could pluck them from your skull and see the world through them myself... Devious
63 0062DBBD Those voices he hears... What do they tell him? How can I hear them too? What prey can they reveal to me? To himself, a bit jealous
64 They are wasted on him. He bickers and cowers. He holds a gift, and he wastes it. A bit spiteful
65 0062DBBE Johanna seems to understand. I wonder what the Wise One has shown her... "Yohanna" -- Amused, curious
66 0062DBBF I miss the Lantern's glow. My hunts often send me far from home, but never like this. I can barely see its shine from here. Missing his home. The Lantern is a location.
67 0062DBC0 This Equinox has allowed him to show me my next meal. I am eternally grateful for his guidance. If only he would join me at the table. Grateful to the player, then a sad aside to self
68 0062DBC1 I envy the blood your lot spills during our ritual. But alas, my duties as Observer prevent me from participating in the festivities. Feels left out
95 0062DBFE I see... Oh, I see... (chuckle) Hearing a secret, devious
96 0062DBFF I am thankful for what I've been shown. My hunger will be satiated soon. Devious


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 00620E8E 00620EAF A fine start, but our work is far from complete. False prophets of the pretenders, clamber throughout this sacred ground. Cold
3 Their presence corrupts our ritual. Their faint flickers must be snuffed out. Hunt them, destroy them, fill the streets with their foul ichor. Sinister
43 00629A55 0062DBF6 The Interpreter needs you. Speak with him on the roof of the Wise One's Museum. Cold
44 0062DBF7 Filthy, disgusting vines... Disgusted
45 0062DBF8 Look for eyes that glow. They believe themselves to be the pretenders incarnate. Rip those silly glasses from their skulls. With a slight grin
46 The ritual cannot begin if they still live. Hunt them. Devilish command
47 0062DBF9 Their deaths please me. This pyre will burn brightly now. Satisfied
48 0062DBFA Breathe in the dust... Let it guide you... Let it show you... Intoxicated on the chemicals
49 0062DBFB We have failed... Protect the other pyres and perhaps I can overlook this incompetence... Slightly fuming
50 0062DBFC I am ready, Wise One, show me. Show me who is next... Pleading, excited
51 0062DBFD I must feast, Wise One, please, show me... Pleading, excited