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Whoa! A real, live Commonwealth person. You dress funny.— Erin Combs to the Sole Survivor

Erin Combes is a child resident of Vault 81 in 2287.


Erin lives in Vault 81 and is the daughter of Alexis and Holt Combes. She also owns a pet cat named Ashes.

She attends the vault's school and is best friends with Austin Engill.[1] They often spend time together, though Austin doesn't like visiting when Erin's parents are home, due to their constant fighting.[2]

Interactions with the player character

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Vault 81 jumpsuit


Here Kitty, Kitty: When first met she is looking for her cat, who escapes the vault when the Sole Survivor arrives, automatically starting this quest. Talking to Erin will allow her to ask more formally and give some information about Ashes.


Erin Combes appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Sole Survivor: "You're Austin's best friend?"
    Erin Combs: "We've been friends forever. There aren't a lot of other kids in the vault."
    (Erin Comb's dialogue)
  2. Austin Engill: "Her Mom and Dad fight a lot, so I don't like to go in there when they're around."
    (Austing Enghill's dialogue)