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Right, no need to be nervous. I'm just being called in for my first ever field mission... and it's led by Knight Shin... and I don't know what I'm doing and I won't know what I'm doing in front of him... so not only am I probably going to die but I'll look stupid doing it and... I should stop. Yeah. No need to be nervous. Nope. No reason at all.

Erika Hewsen is an initiate of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force in Appalachia.


Before Hewsen joined the Brotherhood of Steel, she did not view herself as anyone important or remarkable in society. She grew up in a town that was being frequently attacked by super mutants and raiders. It was then that Doctor Solomon Hardy appeared and started teaching Hewsen most of what she knows today, while she tried to help him to the best of her ability. Eventually, the Brotherhood came to town and recruited Dr. Hardy as an initiate, who then recommended Hewsen to them, in turn leading to her recruitment as an initiate.[1][2] The recommendation was approved by Paladin Rahmani.

Hewsen would eventually find her way to Fort Atlas with the rest of the Brotherhood. She lacks self-confidence and is extremely reluctant to go on any field missions that could put her life in danger, preferring to help the group within safety.[3] She also mentions she does not do well with really big changes. She is pretty sure that Knight Shin hates her, although she highly respects him and his leadership and wishes to make him proud. She once messed up saying the Brotherhood's motto in front of Shin, saying, "Vic adoriam" instead.[4] When Shin requests her on a mission, she thinks some terrible mistake must have happened and she was intended to be discharged instead.[5]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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A Knight's Penance


Other interactions[]

  • Hewsen will have new dialogue after the mission A Knight's Penance in which it is revealed she blames herself for Norland's death instead of Shin due to her panicking. She sullenly comments, "Initiate Norland was brave. I guess... I guess I just want to be a little more like him. And it's awful that... that he had to give his life for me to finally realize that."


Apparel Weapon Other items
Combat armor left and right arms
Military fatigues
Settler relief backpack
Semi-automatic rifle Fragmentation grenade
Pre-War money

Notable quotes[]


Erika Hewsen appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.



  1. Vault Dweller: "So, what's your story, Hewsen?"
    Hewsen: "What- You want to know about me? Well, um... it's really not an interesting story. Really. I, uh, grew up in a town, and... Well, we were getting attacked a lot, by mutants and Raiders, and that's when Dr. Hardy came along. I helped him out all I could. So when he got recruited by the Brotherhood, I guess he, er, kind of recommended me, and... here I am?"
    (Erika Hewsen's dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "Who's Dr. Hardy?"
    Hewsen: "Another Initiate, and a great doctor. He taught me almost everything I know. I think he's been looking for a place to stay recently, to get some time away from the Fort. I mean- Not that he doesn't like it here or anything! Everyone needs some alone time! Right' I... I should just stop talking."
    (Erika Hewsen's dialogue)
  3. Erika Hewsen: "It's- It's a prank, right? I'm not really being called out for field work. Right?"
    (Erika Hewsen's dialogue)
  4. Erika Hewsen: "'Vic adoriam'? Good going, Erika. Right in front of Knight Shin, too."
    (Erika Hewsen's dialogue)
  5. Erika Hewsen: "W-What? Knight Shin? A mission? Me? This has to be a mistake. Oh my god. I thought he hated me. Are you sure he didn't send you to, um... discharge me, or something?"
    (Erika Hewsen's dialogue)