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Erickson is a friendly super mutant on the Island. He came over with the mutant group that took over the Vim! Pop Factory.


Erickson originally came to Far Harbor with a mutant group led by the super mutant behemoth, Grun. They headed south to the Vim! Pop Factory and began raiding local settlements. Sometime after setting up in the factory, Erickson began to regain higher intelligence and a sense of morality, either as a result of the fog or substances in the Vim! factory, subsequently losing interest in wanton killing.

When Erickson confronted the other super mutants with his concerns, they threatened to kill him, with Grun taking a swipe at him. Eventually he found the password to a storage area and was able to trap Grun inside. While the other mutants attempted to free Grun, Erickson quietly left for the northern part of the Island. He lives a solitary existence in the wreckage of Horizon Flight 1207, trading with the humans that enter his camp and raising dogs to sell.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character is a merchant. Sells: ammo, weapons, aid, guard dogs

Other interactionsEdit

  • He will occasionally give the player character some food items.
  • If Old Longfellow is a companion, Longfellow will have a conversation with Erickson the first time he is taken to him. Longfellow will like the first time the Sole Survivor converses positively with Erickson. Longfellow will also like when they purchase the first and second of Erickson's hounds.
  • If accompanied by Strong upon meeting Erickson, he will dislike the player character for meeting, but will not say anything.
  • If Dogmeat is the current companion, Erickson will give him a blue bandana.
  • He will sell guard dogs to the player character (their names are randomly selected after Gracie, Duke and Mishka are bought).
  • Once the player character buys one of Erickson's dogs, it will take him about a week to "refill" that spot with a new one.
  • He has three dogs to choose from: a wolf (or variant of wolf), a junkyard dog (or other variant) and a mutant hound.
  • If a wolf or mutant hound is assigned by the player character to guard Bunker Hill, the radiation they emit will cause the caravan workers to attack them. This may also happen at other settlements where Bunker Hill caravans visit, if the wolf or hound gets close enough for the caravan workers to sustain radiation damage from their presence.
  • If a wolf or mutant hound is assigned to guard Nuka World raider settlements, the radiation they emit will cause the raiders to attack them.
  • All dogs may spawn as any variety every time a new one is available, but the types which can spawn depends on the player character's level. However, all purchased dogs will level with the player character and will be just as strong as their type regardless of which variant they are (for example a purchased grey wolf is going to be just as strong as a purchased glowing wolf other than the lack of radiation of the glowing variant).
  • If the player character arrives and Erickson isn't present, his dogs may attack. If they attack and the player character kills them, one might be forced to kill Erickson too.



Erickson appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone Erickson will frequently walk away from the player while they are attempting to converse with him. This interrupts whatever Erickson is saying, and the game assumes the player heard everything and moves to the next dialogue when they return.[verified]


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