Enola Walker's story, part 2 is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is recorded by Enola Walker.


The holotape can be found in the RobCo Research Center gatehouse.



It's still flying south. It's like one of those Scorchbeasts the Thunder was fighting off, but looks strange. Bigger? Never seen one up close before. Looks pregnant but maybe she's just full. Well, those dogs kept me sane longer than makes sense, so they're getting a proper send-off. You hear that, you monster? I don't know why I'm recording all this shit... it helps with the disorientation a bit, I suppose. Chems didn't seem to help me none, neither. My skin's peeling and my eye won't stop bleeding. I reckon that if this is it... then I'm gonna make it count. Alright, I'm off to shove this backpack full of explosives down that Scorchbeast's throat as an after dinner mint. You have a good day, whoever you are out there. A better day than me, at the very least!

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