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Energy Resistance is an armor statistic in Fallout 76.


Energy Resistance reduces the magnitude of incoming energy damage. The higher the actor's Energy Resistance, the less damage they will incur from energy-based attacks, such as from the laser pistol. All encounterable NPCs and creatures will have an Energy Resistance stat scaling with their level, however players may only gain points from Perks, armor or from timed consumable buffs.


  • Refractor perk grants +5 Energy Resistance per tier, up to a maximum of +20.
  • Bodyguards increases Energy Resistance per each teammate.
  • Moving Target perk grants Energy Resistance while sprinting without power armor.


Buff Magnitude Duration Duration
Crispy cave cricket +10 30 minutes
Firecap soup +25 30 minutes
Firecap tasty souffle +35 60 minutes
Glowing fungus puree +35 60 minutes
Megasloth tenderloin +35 60 minutes
Roast megasloth +25 30 minutes
Radscorpion fillet +35 60 minutes
Radscorpion steak +25 30 minutes
Radstag stew +35 60 minutes
Tarberry nougat heart Cut content +25 30 minutes
Nougat candy assortment Cut content +25 30 minutes
Firecracker nougat heart Cut content +25 30 minutes
Mutfruit nougat heart Cut content +25 30 minutes


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  1. Bug: +62 Energy Resistance buff is applied twice if Strange in Numbers is applied, verify buff is not +124.
    004DF1CF; effects #3 and #4