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The end of the road[1] is an unmarked location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2103. It is the wreckage of a truck and its trailer, situated west of the Sunnytop Station and far north of the Monongah Mine.


This truck and its trailer were used by a criminal who threatened the life of Vincent's daughter.[2] When the Great War occurred, the truck crashed and slid down a hill. The wreckage still remains and can be looted years later.


The location consists of a crashed truck and trailer, just off of Route 95. The trailer door (Picklock 0) can be opened, revealing a mess of junk items and consumables. There is also a first aid box and a duffle bag that can be looted here. Inside the trailer are two skeletons; one is female and has a pair of handcuffs beside her. The other skeleton is male and is actually handcuffed to a metal pole in the trailer.

Notable loot

  • For Vincent - Note, inside the trailer, next to the male handcuffed skeleton.


The end of the road appears only in Fallout 76.



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    32. End of the Road (Trailer) A friend of Vincent's has left a note inside the locked trailer, which had crashed and slid down this hill."
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