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A rogue creature is terrorizing Appalachia

Event: Encryptid is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update, it is also a Unique Boss Event in that it doesn't need a Nuke to be Started.

Quick walkthrough[]

The event summons the Imposter Sheepsquatch (a modified Assaultron) and a constantly respawning horde of various other robots to defeat. It requires the party to activate pylons nearby to remove the shields that make the Imposter Sheepsquatch invulnerable before killing it to complete the event.

Detailed walkthrough[]

The event starts when a player character uses the terminal at the pylon ambush site. Starting the event requires an Assaultron recall keycard to be in one's inventory, and can only be activated if the event has not occurred on the server for at least three real-world hours. Starting the event spawns a three star legendary Imposter Sheepsquatch and a horde of other robots to attack any Vault Dwellers in the area. The robots include Mister Gutsies, Protectrons and Eyebombs, the latter of which move in swarms and explode on death.

The Imposter Sheepsquatch is invisible and invulnerable until the three pylons nearby are activated. Activating a pylon places a damaging effect on the player character who activated it and notifies all event participants of who has activated which pylon if they have the event tracked. If one player activates more than one pylon themselves, the damaging effect stacks and becomes worse. The Imposter Sheepsquatch becomes visible and loses its invulnerability as long as all three pylons are all active. If any of the pylons become deactivated through the death of the player character who activated it, the Imposter Sheepsquatch becomes invisible and invulnerable again. The Imposter Sheepsquatch is very dangerous. Its head laser can easily tear through a Vault Dweller's health if it is a direct hit, even in a full set of power armor, especially if it targets the ones who activated the pylons to regain its invisibility and invulnerability as long as one pylon is inactive. Its close-quarters attacks with its claws can also shred health at an alarming rate. Due to being a legendary enemy, it also recovers its health to full strength once below 50% the first time. Players should focus all their fire on the Imposter Sheepsquatch once it is vulnerable if the other robots are not proving a problem at the moment.

The event completes once the Imposter Sheepsquatch is killed, or fails once the event timer expires. Further robots will not spawn but those which are already present will remain active and hostile.


Event: Encryptid
  • Encryptid weapon plan (rare) (1)
  • Power armor mod plan (rare) (1)
  • Non-jetpack plan (1)

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
The recalled robot approaches...A process has begun to recall a dangerous rogue Assaultron to an isolated location for elimination. I'm awaiting its arrival.
Defend yourself while the Pylons acquire their target
Activate all Pylons to disable Stealth ModeThe rogue Assaultron has arrived but has a powerful shield that shrugs off damage. I need the nearby pylons to activate so I can do something about that shield!
Stealth Mode disabled! Destroy the robot!
Activate Pylon 1The pylons are ready to use! Activating them all will remove the rogue Assaultron's powerful shield!
<Alias=Pylon_1_ActivatingPlayer> is a conduit for Pylon 1
Activate Pylon 2
<Alias=Pylon_1_ActivatingPlayer> is a conduit for Pylon 2
Activate Pylon 3
<Alias=Pylon_1_ActivatingPlayer> is a conduit for Pylon 3
I've defeated the rogue Assaultron. It won't be threatening anyone anymore.


  • The Assaultron recall keycard is needed to start this event.
  • This event has a three hour cooldown period before it can be repeated on the same server.
  • Player characters who are downed but not dead continue to keep any pylons they had activated from shutting down. If they are not revived, the pylons will remain active until they are either revived or dead.
  • Player characters can activate more than one pylon, each pylon deals 10 energy damage per second.
  • A CAMP can be constructed within the boundaries of this event, enabling casual collection of its rewards upon completion.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Occasionally, the conduit visual effects will persist locally after death. The only solution is to leave/switch the server.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Occasionally, the conduit damage-over-time effect will persist locally after death or event completion/failure. The only solution is to leave/switch the server.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The Imposter Sheepsquatch incorrectly gains 100% armor penetration against all resistances and effectively inflicts true damage.[verified]