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Enclave soldier log #1 is a holodisk found at Adams Air Force Base in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


When atop the building with sector 2's artillery button, proceed to the north stairs, and turn left (west) and enter the opening between the walls. Following the alley, then climbing the stairs, there is a large machine. A dead Enclave soldier, a Ripper, 2 Psycho, a couple of first aid boxes are all behind the machine, with the holotape on the Enclave soldier's body.



Where is it, where is it...god damnit where is...there we go...<grunts> Ahh yes! ...Prime you big son of a tin bitch, you're gonna die. What? You kidding me?...Already?...<grunts>...OK, OK, OK...lot of shit going on...<grunts>...Prime, you better be there you bastard...<grunts>... ...shit, how is this thing on?


  • Despite the "#1" in the name of the log, no further entries can be found.
  • The "it" mentioned in the log refers to the psycho found beside the soldier's corpse.

Behind the scenes

The Enclave soldier in this holodisk was voiced by Gregory Gorton.


Icon pc.png Icon xbox360.png Sometimes the soldier and the holotape will simply not spawn. Loading a save from another cell, then reloading a save from this cell may fix this. [verified]


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