The Enclave did a lot of bad things, but there were good people at Navarro. Good people with a lot of experience. Not many of them are alive anymore, but I think they could make a difference in the fight against Caesar.Arcade Gannon

Squad members of the unit called the Devil's Brigade,[1] and as of Fallout: New Vegas, dubbing themselves the Enclave remnants, are a small faction of old Enclave veterans found in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


The Enclave remnants are elderly, retired members of the Enclave that served in a unit called the Devil's Brigade, under the command of their officer, Gannon Senior on the West Coast.

While the Enclave is stated as having relocated from New California to "a lot of different places" according to Arcade Gannon[2] some time after the events of Fallout 2, there were a few members that (apparently) decided to linger behind in Camp Navarro, rather than accompanying Autumn Senior and the rest of the Enclave in their journey to the East Coast.

It is otherwise unknown why they decided to stay behind at Camp Navarro, as it is stated by both Judah Kreger and Arcade Gannon (respectively) that sometime after the Destruction of Control Station ENCLAVE, it was "only a matter of time" for when the New California Republic and/or the Brotherhood of Steel would assault the Navarro outpost, for reasons also unclear.

The Devil's Brigade was disbanded sometime after the mysterious Sacking of Navarro at the hands of the New California Republic, and/or the death of Gannon Senior. During Fallout: New Vegas however, the Courier can convince the individual members of the Enclave remnants to reorganize and reunite for one final battle, another shot at glory, and a choice of either vindication (siding them with the NCR), or vengeance (siding them with Caesar's Legion)...

Interactions with the player characterEdit

The Courier has the option of completing the companion/side quest, For Auld Lang Syne given by Arcade Gannon, in which they and Arcade attempt to make contact with his father's old squad-mates from the disappeared Enclave and help contribute to either an offense, or a defense during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

Members/Enclave roleEdit


  • Through the choice of the Courier, the remnants can be convinced to either support the New California Republic or Caesar's Legion.
    • If they are asked to side with the NCR, Orion Moreno leaves the room. He is found just outside the briefing room in the hangar. He will talk about his hatred of the NCR and will refuse to fight for them. If the Courier has a Speech skill of 80 or a large amount of NCR infamy, Orion can be convinced to participate in the attack, otherwise he will attack and must be fought.
    • If they are asked to side with the Legion, Cannibal Johnson and Arcade Gannon will leave with no way to convince them to stay. The Courier can then talk to Orion Moreno for training in power armor. Moreno will give them Johnson's suit since he will not be using it.
  • Even though Arcade Gannon supports the idea of the Courier fighting for an independent New Vegas, there is no dialogue option to explicitly get the Enclave remnants to fight for New Vegas's independence, nor to assist Mr. House, who is similarly opposed to both the NCR and the Legion. In order to make an alliance between the remnants and Yes Man or Mr. House, they must be convinced to fight for NCR, since the path (battling eastwards through the Legion's ranks) and ultimate goal (killing Lanius) are still the same. However, Cannibal Johnson will turn hostile if the PC can not talk down General Oliver.


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Narrated by Judah Kreger.

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Remnants end slide 01
Despite surviving the destruction of the oil rig and the loss of their comrades at Navarro, the venerable Remnants were no match for the Courier. They carried the secrets of their old lives to their graves. Kill the Enclave remnants.
Remnants end slide 01
After their bold arrival at Hoover Dam, the Remnants disappeared as quickly as they came. Legends of their power spread throughout the southwest, a reminder of why people once feared the sight of vertibirds in the sky. Complete the quest For Auld Lang Syne, complete any endgame quest except Veni, Vidi, Vici.
Remnants end slide 01
Merciless in their assault on the NCR, the Remnants struck fear into the hearts of even the centurions at Hoover Dam. Well aware of the full extent of their power, Caesar commanded his troops to not pursue them. Complete the quest For Auld Lang Syne, convince Remnants to aid the Legion, complete the quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion with Caesar alive.
Remnants end slide 01
Merciless in their assault on the NCR, the Remnants struck fear into the hearts of even the centurions at Hoover Dam. Caesar's heirs aggressively pursued the Remnants into Arizona, losing hundreds of legionaries in the process and gaining nothing in return. Complete the quest For Auld Lang Syne, convince Remnants to aid the Legion, complete the quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion with Caesar's death.


  • Even if the remnants are killed during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the ending cutscene will show them all as being alive.
  • Although the remnants, by their own admission, ceased official service in the Enclave's Department of the Army decades before the time of Fallout: New Vegas, they still call themselves "Enclave remnants". This is despite the fact that they are not actually serving in the Enclave as active members anymore for reasons uncertain, although it is implied to be nostalgia because they state that they felt they had a purpose in the Enclave years ago, and that they miss it sometimes during the companion quest For Auld Lang Syne.
  • Strangely, unlike Arcade Gannon, they will not comment on ED-E's presence despite them being former Enclave members.


The Enclave remnants appear only in Fallout: New Vegas, but Doctor Henry also appears in Fallout 2.



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