The Enclave officer uniform and Enclave officer hat are an outfit set in Fallout 76.


The Enclave officer uniform was handed out to those in the Whitespring bunker who were at the rank of brigadier general or above in the United States Armed Forces.


Enclave officer uniforms differ heavily from those seen in the Capital Wasteland, being two-tone, having more detailed rank marking, and being of much higher quality than the (comparatively) crude uniforms seen in 2277 Washington, D.C.

Enclave officer uniform

The uniform consists of a dark blue overcoat, worn over a gray shirt and tie, two-tone pants, polished black boots and pale highlights on certain parts of the uniform. A patch with Enclave insignia can be seen on each shoulder of the uniform, with two stars at each top corner of the patch, resembling that of a general's rank badge.

Enclave officer hat

The hat resembles that of a peaked hat. A circular patch with Enclave insignia can be seen at the black-colored front of the hat, near the top, while the peak of the hat resembles that of a pale color, with a black-colored laurel pattern on the top of the peak.



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