For the Fallout 76 clothing, see Enclave officer uniform (Fallout 76).


The Enclave officer uniform is standard Enclave officer apparel in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Both items can only be repaired with another copy of them or by any merchant.


The Enclave officer uniform is composed of two garments: a jet-black uniform with a tan jacket and pants that are worn over it. The outer layer is made of a sturdy material designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the wasteland. The uniform comes with a pair of knee-high boots, black gloves, a utility belt with an integrated communications device (located over the wearer's right breast) and a small knife sheath on the right leg. All in all, it provides adequate protection from the elements.


  • Wearing this uniform will not affect one's standing with Enclave personnel or any of the other wasteland factions.
  • The hat is the only hat to provide a bonus to Energy Weapons.
  • The hat is depicted with a different insignia in its inventory icon, having a bird with its wings spread, rather than its actual insignia of the Enclave "E" in a ring of stars.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, this uniform and hat only appear on Judah Kreger if he participates in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. One will not be able to acquire the uniform through reverse pickpocketing or any other means in-game without using console commands.


Icon pc.png The glove on the left hand is known to clip with the Pip-Boy, thus making it hard to use the Pip-Boy while wearing the uniform. Entering "player.equipitem 25b83" in the console commands will fix this issue.[verified]


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