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The man you are looking for is no hero. He's a thief, and the armor he wears rightfully belongs to the Enclave.— The Enclave lieutenant trying to convince Connie to tell him where the Black Devil is

The Enclave lieutenant was the commanding officer of the remnants unit sent by the Enclave of the Capital Wasteland to Massachusetts.


The lieutenant's mission was to find and kill the Enclave deserter called the Black Devil and retrieve his X-02 power armor.

When Sergeant Hodges kidnapped Connie who allegedly had information on the Black Devil, the Enclave lieutenant tortured and interrogated the wastelander with the aid of Hodges and Officer Bradley. After Connie informed Sergeant Hodges, the lieutenant left him tied up in the basement of the BADTFL regional office to die at the hands of the raiders there. The lieutenant then ordered Sergeant Hodges to send a team to the location of the Black Devil's hideout to retrieve the X-02 power armor.

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The Enclave lieutenant is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "X-02 Power Armor."

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