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Enclave Radio is a miscellaneous quest and radio station in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "X-02 Power Armor".

Detailed walkthrough

After finishing Speak of the Devil, an additional miscellaneous objective to access the Devil's terminal in Mass Pike Tunnel, found on the console behind the X-02 power armor, will be added. Accessing the "A humble request" option will lead to another objective to either shut down the radio transmission or to restore the Enclave Radio station.

  • Shutting it down (the short-circuit option) will unlock a nearby safe containing the "X-02 Devil's Inferno" mod for the X-02 power armor alongside other loot.
  • Restoring Enclave Radio instead will make it available as a new radio station, but will make the safe inaccessible.

Regardless of choice, both the Radio AM 810 and Radio FM 52.7 signals will be lost afterwards, and Sgt. Hodges and a group of Enclave remnants will spawn and attack.


Quest stages

10 Examine the terminal
20Quest finishedPermanently disable the radio signals
30Quest finishedRestore the Enclave Radio station