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There's a big Poseidon oil rig left out on the water. That's the final base of the Enclave, and unless I miss my bet, that's where your friends are, too.A. Ron Meyers

The Poseidon Energy oil rig (named Control station ENCLAVE in official Enclave records) was a pre-War deep sea drilling platform, built over the world's last accessible underwater oil field in the Pacific Ocean, 175 miles off the coast of California.[1]


The United States won the international race to establish a platform here in January 2073, over the world's last known pockets of oil, after sabotaging Chinese efforts to do so. The oil deposit was originally thought to be unreachable, due to it being located thousands of feet below the seabed. During the nuclear storm of the Great War, the Enclave's most important members and essential personnel were evacuated to this location.

It is logical to assume that this was no ordinary derrick, but rather, a disguised, powerful military base with heavy industrial facilities, top-notch medical technology, completely self-sufficient, able to provide the Enclave with a highly efficient power base.

During the course of Fallout 2, the Chosen One must travel there via an oil tanker in order to save his tribe and the previous inhabitants of Vault 13. The Enclave and President Richardson were preparing to release a form of the FEV into the world's jet streams, thereby preparing the Earth for re-colonization and killing everyone in the process. The Chosen One kills the President and destroys the Oil Rig by deactivating/destroying the coolant systems, overloading the primary reactor and causing a megaton-sized thermonuclear explosion.

Both Marcus and the Remnants mention the rig in Fallout: New Vegas. Marcus was a part of the Chosen One's party during the raid to save the Arroyo villagers and Vault 13 dwellers, while the Remnants are unsure of how the rig met its end.


The massive structure of the oil rig probably had many facilities for industrial manufacturing, research and development, Vertibird maintenance etc. However, in-game, only a small portion of the Oil Rig is visitable.

Oil Rig Dock

Fo2 Oil Rig Dock

Welcome to the Enclave

The entrance to the rig, a large dock illuminated with yellow spotlights. Every arriving vessel docks here, and the PMV Valdez is no exception.

Oil Rig Entry Hall

Fo2 Oil Rig Entry Hall

The entrance hall of the rig, lined with powerful auto-turrets that are designed to obliterate everything and everyone foolish enough to attempt an attack on the installation. The main hall's floor is a massive relief with the word Enclave stamped on it, with a small access terminal in the lower left corner. The hall connects via a spiral staircase to the detention/R&D level and the barracks, via a passageway with a waiting room.

The final battle with Frank Horrigan is fought here.

Oil Rig Barracks

Fo2 Enclave Oil Rig Barracks

Connected to the entrance hall, the Barracks area housed a storeroom, where T-51b power armors were used instead of forklifts, troop housing (together with a large gym and lavatories), an armory stocked with explosives, the admin section for the soldiers and their CO's living quarters. A spiral staircase sealed behind flood doors connected to the Presidential level.


Oil Rig Detention and Research Level

Fo2 Detention Oil Rig

Houses the prison cells used to contain the Arroyo villagers and the people from Vault 13. Also contains several small labs and medical facilities, and storage areas. It is located south from the entry hall and connects to the trap room.


Oil Rig Access Corridor

Fo2 Oil Rig Trap Level

A series of small rooms with computer-controlled doors and an electrified floor. Unless the right combination of computers are accessed, the doors will trap the unfortunate explorer and leave them at the mercy of the floors. Two small side rooms provide storage and a reprieve from the traps. A GECK can be found here in the northeastern room in the left survival locker in the back Survival Gear room. It is south of the Detention Level and connects to the Presidential Level.

Trap room


Oil Rig Presidential Level

Fo2 Oil Rig Presidential Quarters

Home of the offices of President Dick Richardson, Vice-president Bird, Richardson's secretary, and the Enclave's other elite. Also contains a bomb, a war room, a conference room, and medical facilities where testing on the FEV is being done. A rear staircase connects it to the Reactor Level, and an emergency stairwell connects it to the Detention Level.

Oil Rig Reactor Level

Fo2 Oil Rig Reactor Level

The deepest level of the rig, it houses the central computer, the rig's power generators, a small barracks, and several scientists and citizens to maintain the former two. It is only accessible by a staircase on the Presidential Level.



As a military base, the Oil Rig is heavily defended - Captain A. Ron Meyers refers to Poseidon guns that are able to blast even a tanker-size vessel out of the water if it doesn't have the Poseidon IFF protocol active. The actual number of vertibirds on the rig is unknown.

Internally, apart from Enclave soldiers outfitted with regular and advanced power armor, an extensive network of security auto-cannons armed with heavy dual miniguns and sentry robots are present, ready to obliterate any foe. The Oil Rig is probably the single most well-protected location in the entirety of post-nuclear America.


The Enclave Oil Rig was home to America's finest minds and people… in theory at least. In practice, years of isolation and propaganda have left the citizens of the Enclave decadent, xenophobic, and extremely dangerous to outsiders, in particular the soldiers.

According to Dr. Curling, there were approximately 1000 inhabitants on the oil rig. Clearly identifiable were the "classes". Citizens wore blue and yellow jumpsuits, identical in design to those of Vault-Tec shelter inhabitants, and carried no weaponry. Members of the science division wore lab coats and carried personal defense weapons (usually a Wattz 1000 laser pistol), while the military (including the Secret Service) used T-51b power armor and M72 Gauss rifles (lower-ranking soldiers) or advanced power armor and various heavy duty weapons.

The President was unarmed but carried what was probably the most important asset on the Oil Rig - the presidential access card, giving him full control over the systems of the drilling platform.



The Oil Rig appears at the very end of Fallout 2 and is mentioned by several characters in Fallout: New Vegas. It is also mentioned in Fallout 3 Official Game Guide and a terminal entry in the Boston Bugle building in Fallout 4.




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