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"Followers' Credo"
There's a big Poseidon oil rig left out on the water. That's the final base of the Enclave, and unless I miss my bet, that's where your friends are, too.A. Ron Meyers

The Enclave Oil Rig is the final location and headquarters of the Enclave in Fallout 2 and one of the Enclave's hubs across the United States.[4]

Officially, it was simply a pre-War deep sea drilling platform, built over the world's last accessible underwater oil deposit in the Pacific Ocean, 175 miles off the coast of California.[6]


The oil rig was a pre-War deep sea drilling platform in the Pacific Ocean, 175 miles off the coast of California.[7]

  • It is claimed that the Oil Rig is on the last known source of Oil. However, this information is from the Sierra Depot GNN transcript, which is an unreliable source. That said, presuming the oil rig was operating as an oil rig, it would be the case that this is one of the last (if not the last) available sources of oil[8]

The United States won the international race to establish a platform at the location in January 2073, after which the Chinese accused the US of sabotage.[9] The oil deposit was originally thought to be unreachable, due to it being located thousands of feet below the seabed. During the nuclear storm of the Great War, the Enclave's most important members and essential personnel were evacuated to this location.

By March 2077, with the world heading directly for nuclear confrontation, the President of the United States and other members of the Enclave retreated to various fortified areas around the globe. The Poseidon Oil rig in the Pacific was chosen as a secret base from which the USA could continue to exist and wage war on China,[Non-game 1] with the eventual goal of retaking the continental United States. Some members of the Enclave retreated to remote locations in other parts of the world, but when the bombs hit, they lost all contact with the main group. As the world burned and United States disintegrated, its president and the Enclave, remnants of the pre-War American shadow government,[10][Non-game 2][11] established themselves as to its continuation, claiming authority over the United States mainland.

In late 2077, not long before the Great War, the oil rig received schematics for X-01 power armor and Vertibirds from the Whitespring Congressional Bunker.[12]

In 2242, the Chosen One traveled there via an oil tanker to save his tribe and the previous inhabitants of Vault 13, as well as to stop the Enclave. The Chosen One (aided by Marcus and others recruited to his cause)[13] destroyed the oil rig by overloading its primary reactor and causing a 100-kiloton thermonuclear explosion.[14] This prevented President Richardson from releasing FEV Curling-13 into the world's jet streams, killing all humans outside the Enclave worldwide, in preparation for Enclave's colonization. Enclave survivors never learned the truth behind the rig's destruction.[15][16]


The oil rig was, in fact, a disguised, powerful military base with industrial facilities, top notch medical technology, completely self-sufficient and able to provide the Enclave with a power base. Not only was it their main base,[17][18] it was connected to other Enclave, military and corporate facilities via PoseidoNet (it seems the oil rig's PoseidoNet software was a trial version, ending in 2079).[19]

The usual computer unit used on the Enclave oil rig was a DataPlex 2000 SmarTerminal.[20] Operating systems used on the platform included Fenestra '98,[21] Apricot OS,[22] and Vault-Tec proprietary OS.[23]


The oil rig was powered by a Vault-Tec uranium-based nuclear reactor. The entire process was automated, thanks to a supercomputer running recently invented synchronized multi-processors on a tri-processor motherboard, which carefully regulated coolant temperature, intake of seawater for cooling, expending hot water and waste from it, as well as regulating the neutron bombardment on the uranium fuel rods. Seawater was pumped from 500 meters depth, used both to move the turbines and cool the core. Radiated water and miscellaneous toxic byproducts of the operation were disposed of through a waste conduit, terminating one mile south of the rig, causing irreversible ecological damage to coasts of southern California and Mexico. The biggest flaw in the system was that even the slightest disruption in the supercomputer's operations would lead to a 100 kiloton nuclear explosion within two hours, due to an uncontrolled bombardment of the uranium isotopes. The loss of power would also severely cripple the oil rig, as energy intensive systems (such as force fields) would shut down and watertight doors would close, to prevent any flooding.[14] Additionally, manually retracting the containment rods would trigger the same reaction, with no way to restore control, as putting them down to slow down the reaction would overheat the reactor.[24]


As a military base, the oil rig was heavily defended, including external guns to protect against seaborne threats (i.e. everything without a Poseidon IFF transponder).[25] The rig also had a significant transport Vertibird fleet. Internally, apart from Enclave soldiers outfitted with advanced power armor, an extensive network of security turrets (dual .223 caliber miniguns) and sentry robots was present, ready to neutralize any foe. Quite probably, the oil rig was the single most well-protected location in the entirety of post-nuclear America.

Industrial and scientific facilities[]

The oil rig's scientific facilities were outfitted with cutting edge pre-War technology. Equipment present in them included infrared spectrometers and gear for synthesizing compounds - in vast quantities, if need be.[26]


The Enclave Oil Rig was home to America's finest minds and people, in theory at least. In practice, years of isolation and propaganda have left the citizens of the Enclave decadent, xenophobic and extremely dangerous to outsiders, in particular, the soldiers.

According to Dr. Curling, there were approximately 1,000 inhabitants on the oil rig.[27] All inhabitants tended to be pale, due to the lack of natural sunlight. However, they were of good health.[28]

Citizens wore blue and yellow jumpsuits, identical in design to those of Vault-Tec shelter inhabitants, and carried no weaponry. Members of the science division wore lab coats and carried personal defense weapons (usually a Wattz 1000 laser pistol), while the military (including the Secret Service) used T-51b power armor and M72 Gauss rifles (lower-ranking soldiers) or advanced power armor and various heavy duty weapons. The president and vice-president could be easily identified by their pre-War suits and lack of armaments, but carried what was probably the most important asset on the oil rig: the presidential access card, giving him full control over the systems of the drilling platform.

In 2242, the Enclave had expanded its operations to the mainland. Security drills were a regular feature of life on the oil rig.[29] Evening entertainment usually consisted of various safety movies.[30]


The massive structure of the oil rig probably had many facilities for industrial manufacturing, research and development, and Vertibird maintenance. The schematic below shows the area flow. Once the reactor is sabotaged, a special evacuation stairwell opens from the presidential level to the barracks, while access to detention/research and the access corridor is sealed off.

Entry hall
Access corridor


Fo2 Oil Rig Dock

Welcome to the Enclave

The entrance to the rig, a large dock illuminated with yellow spotlights. Every arriving vessel docks here, and the PMV Valdez is no exception.

Entry hall[]

Fo2 Oil Rig Entry Hall

The entrance hall of the rig, lined with powerful auto-turrets that are designed to obliterate everything and everyone foolish enough to attempt an attack on the installation. The main hall's floor is a massive relief with the word "Enclave" stamped on it, with a small access terminal in the lower left corner. The hall connects via a spiral staircase to the detention/R&D level and the barracks, via a passageway with a waiting room. The final battle with Frank Horrigan is fought here.


Fo2 Enclave Oil Rig Barracks

Connected to the entrance hall, the barracks area housed a storeroom, where T-51b power armors were used instead of forklifts, troop housing (together with a large gym and lavatories), an armory stocked with explosives, the admin section for the soldiers and their CO's living quarters. A spiral staircase sealed behind flood doors connected to the presidential level.


Detention and research level[]

Fo2 Detention Oil Rig

Houses the prison cells used to contain the Arroyo villagers and the people from Vault 13. Also contains several small labs and medical facilities, and storage areas. It is located south of the entry hall and connects to the trap room.


Access corridor[]

Fo2 Oil Rig Trap Level

A series of small rooms with computer-controlled doors and an electrified floor. Unless the right combination of computers are accessed, the doors will trap the unfortunate explorer and leave them at the mercy of the floors. Two small side rooms provide storage and a reprieve from the traps. A GECK can be found here in the northeastern room in the left survival locker in the back Survival Gear room. It is south of the detention level and connects to the presidential level.


Presidential level[]

Fo2 Oil Rig Presidential Quarters

Home of the offices of President Dick Richardson, Vice-President Bird, Richardson's secretary and the Enclave's other elite. It also contains a bomb, a war room, a conference room and medical facilities where testing on the FEV is being done. A rear staircase connects it to the reactor level, and an emergency stairwell connects it to the detention level.

Colonel Doctor Charles Curling has his office at the northwestern end. Talking to him gives an opportunity for the Chosen One to convince him that humans on the mainland are part of the same species as the Enclave, potentially triggering a crisis of conscience that leads him to dumping FEV Curling-13 into the ventilation that will kill off all non-protected personnel (i.e. civilians and scientists, except for named characters) within 30 minutes, allowing the player to loot them with impunity. He will inoculate the Chosen One and use an aerosolized inoculation on the imprisoned tribesmen and vault dwellers, so that they aren't affected. Equipment present in them included infrared spectrometers and gear for synthesizing compounds.[26]

Reactor level[]

Fo2 Oil Rig Reactor Level

The deepest level of the rig, houses the central computer, the rig's power generators, a small barracks and several scientists and citizens to maintain the former two. It is only accessible by a staircase on the presidential level.


List of inhabitants[]

Img Name Dialogue file Description Doctor Merchant Repair Companion Clothing Proto Location
Robed Arroyo elder AHELDER.MSG Leader of Arroyo (TH) Brown robe 00000013 Enclave Oil Rig/ Arroyo village
FoModel NewDoc Charles Curling QCCURLNG.MSG Head of the United States Chemical Corps. Scientist outfit 00000295 Enclave Oil Rig
FoModel UpClassCitizen Daniel Bird QCBIRD.MSG Vice-president of the United States. Smoking 00000294 Enclave Oil Rig
FoModel UpClassCitizen Dick Richardson Qhprzrch.msg President of the United States. TH Smoking 00000293 Enclave Oil Rig
Frank Horrigan model Frank Horrigan QCFRANK.MSG genetically engineered Secret Service agent. TH Frank Horrigan's armor 00000288
00000483 (death scene)
Enclave Oil Rig
Apoweras Granite QCGRANIT.MSG Leader of the Enclave Control Company Squad. Advanced power armor Mk II 00000291 Enclave Oil Rig
Fo1 Black VD Martin Frobisher QCMARTIN.MSG Vault 13 jumpsuit 00000267 Enclave Oil Rig
FoModel NiceLady Secretary QCPRSSEC.MSG Dick Richardson's secretary Nice lady outfit 00000093 Enclave Oil Rig
FoModel NewDoc Tom Murray QCMURRAY.MSG Head of the Atomic Energy Commission. Scientist outfit 00000088 Enclave Oil Rig
Arroyo villager Enclave citizen Enclave communications officer Enclave Control Company Enclave scientist Enclave soldier
Vault 13 prisoner



The Enclave Oil Rig appears in Fallout 2, and is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas,[13][31] Fallout 4,[11] Fallout 76,[4] and its update Steel Dawn.[32]

Behind the scenes[]

Real world relief used as the Enclave's floor seal in the entrance level.
  • According to Chris Avellone, the number of permanent residents on the oil rig was between 60 and 80.[Non-game 4]
  • The exact coordinates provided by the central computer for Navarro in-game place the oil rig 135 miles inland, between Fresno and Mariposa, California, in a small pond in Raymond, California.
  • The entrance floor seal is based on a real world relief at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.[Non-game 5]
  • The destruction of the oil rig is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.[Non-game 6]
  • Various elements of the oil rig have been remade in high definition for the purposes of Fallout 76, in particular the Enclave C.A.M.P. bundle, which includes the Enclave walls, turret set, lights, flat-laser door (based on detention level forcefields), and the office wallpaper (from Richardson's office).


Magic: The Gathering[]



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