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Enclave Hellfire armor is a heat-resistant power armor worn by high level Enclave soldiers and the specialized, elite Enclave Hellfire troopers. It is added with the Broken Steel add-on for Fallout 3.


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This armor is the result of a post-War research and development project undertaken by the Enclave. An early iteration was completed by October 2080, and was shipped to Vault 51 at the behest of the vault's ZAX computer[1] while the final mass-produced version would see large scale deployment in 2278. Initially, the mass-produced armor was one of several concurrently active research projects taking place at the Adams Air Force Base, including one on eyebots and a material called Duraframe, but ultimately came to be the most in-demand project fully completed; other projects, much to the chagrin of researchers such as Whitley, were canceled in favor of the new model of power armor by Colonel Augustus Autumn.[2]

As state-of-the-art power armor, it is conclusively the best and most advanced model of power armor revealed to date. It provides its wearers with more protection than any other form of armor produced post-War, due to its unique Duraframe components and high resistance to heat.


This armor is equal to the T-51b power armor (but not the winterized version included in the Operation: Anchorage add-on) in terms of DR, item HP, and weight. It does, however, offer inferior radiation resistance, as well as -1 Charisma for the Hellfire helmet as opposed to the T-51b power helmet which has +1 Charisma. The armor's advantage is the +35 Fire resistance, and a +1 Strength stat it also provides.

In contrast to the T-51b which is limited to merchant repair, the Enclave Hellfire armor can be repaired with other sets of Hellfire armor. This advantage alone may make it a better choice among the game's several power armors. That should not be taken for granted, however, as Hellfire troopers are still an uncommon enemy.

Armor comparisonEdit

Armor Damage Resistance Rad Resistance Other Resistances
and Bonuses
Stat Bonuses Item HP
T-45d power armor +40/ Helmet: +8 +10/ Helmet: +3 None +2 ST, -2 AG 1000/ Helmet: 75
T-51b power armor +50/ Helmet: +10 +25/ Helmet: +8 None Helmet: +1 CH 2000/ Helmet: 100
Winterized T-51b power armor Gametitle-FO3 OA +45/ Helmet: +10 +25/ Helmet: +8 None Helmet: +1 CH 10,000,000/ Helmet: 1,000,000
Tesla armor +43/ Helmet: +9 +20/ Helmet: +5 +10 Energy Weapons Helmet: -1 CH 1500/ Helmet: 100
Advanced power armor Mk II +40/ Helmet: +9 +15/ Helmet: +5 None +1 ST, -1 AG/
Helmet: -1 CH
1200/ Helmet: 75

Enclave Hellfire armor

+50/ Helmet: +10 +15/ Helmet: +5 +30 Fire/ Helmet: +5 Fire +1 ST/ Helmet: -1 CH 2000/ Helmet: 100


Worn by Enclave Hellfire troopers.


  • In Fallout: New Vegas, ED-E, a robotic eyebot companion originally moving from Enclave forces in Chicago to Navarro, has a data log that references the Hellfire armor and how the eyebot improvement program that ED-E was in was ditched in favor of developing the Hellfire Armor.
  • It can't be given to Protector Casdin as part of his unmarked quest.
  • Sometimes Enclave members can be found wearing this armor before activating the Project Purity.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If you have a set of Hellfire armor equipped at 100% condition, and another set of Hellfire armor at any condition is in your inventory, the inventory armor will degrade instead of the equipped armor. This effect also applies to the Hellfire helmet, although as it is considerably weaker you may need more spare helmets to keep a good DR. There is a similar effect with the Tesla armor. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If one drops a stack of the Hellfire armor, or Hellfire helmet (meaning 6+ sets with the same damage taken), and leaves it on the ground with no other dropped items, and leaves for an (in-game) day or two, then comes back, all of the armor/helmet pieces will be at 100% durability.



  1. Vault 51 terminal entries
  2. Enclave scientist Whitley: "Yes sir, I understand that we need the duraframe assets for Hellfire armor, but, no sir. Yes, sir. I understand, sir. I'll tell the team to start disassembling the ED series prototypes right away."
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