Build and protect MODUS' automated patrol.

Enclave Event: Bots on Parade is an Enclave event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Connect MODUS to the Bot-Stop station.
  • Defend the station and the bots in it until they finishing being reprogrammed.
  • Eliminate any remaining hostiles in the vicinity.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

To start the event, Officer on Deck must be active or completed. When arriving at the "Bot-Stop," MODUS will instruct the player character to activate the terminal to start reprogramming the robots for the Enclave's personal use. After that is done, the bots will have to be protected from waves of multiple enemies such as Scorched or super mutants.

After a certain amount of time has expired, MODUS will then instruct one to finish off any remaining enemies in the area. The event will then be completed and if Officer on Deck is active, the player character will be awarded one support commendation. The reprogrammed Mr. Gutsy and assaultron robots will then leave the Bot-Stop to patrol the area. Interaction with them indicates they have instructions from MODUS that they can't reveal to the Vault 76 residents, even though they are part of the Enclave.

Bot-Stop locationsEdit

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Connect MODUS to the Bot-Stop station.MODUS has requested we patch him to a local robot construction station so he can build himself a patrol.
? Standby while the patrollers are constructed
? Protect the bots during reprogramming. (3:00)MODUS has constructed his bots. Now it's up to us to fight off any local creatures while they boot-up.
? Eliminate the remaining hostilesThe bots are up and running! Now we just need to keep them safe from any remaining trouble.
?Icon checkThe Robot Patrol operation is a success! We protected the bots for MODUS!
?Icon crossWe weren't able to keep MODUS' patrol alive and failed his task.
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