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The Department of the Army[4][5] is the combined military force of the Enclave.



With Enclave originating from the United States government and army, it can be assumed much of the pre-War combat personnel and equipment of the Enclave were directly taken from the US military. The Last President of the United States ordered the United States Pacific Fleet to guard the Enclave Oil Rig in the lead up to the Great War, and it can be assumed some kind of a security force was present on the Oil Rig itself leading up to the war.

Gametitle-VB.pngThe following is based on information from Van Buren design documents and is not canon.

Another indicator is the Bloomfield Space Center, which was taken over by Enclave agents following the abandonment of the space project by the U.S. government and secured for their purposes (including transportation off-world.)

Gametitle-VB.pngEnd of information based on information from Van Buren design documents and is not canon


With the great nuclear devastation of 2077 and the subsequent collapse of the United States, Enclave members and loyalists relocated to reinforced locations across the United States,[6] with their headquarters being established on the Oil Rig itself. Additionally, numerous military stockpiles were commandeered, either remotely or by the evacuating Enclave themselves, providing the organization with necessary ordnance.

With extreme levels of radiation persisting on the mainland, they were forced to remain within their bases, as the regular T-51b power armor was unable to provide adequate protection. During this period the Enclave's military was steadily trained and expanded, with new equipment being developed for use during their eventual return, such as advanced power armor.

Military presence

Originally the government of the Enclave was located on the Poseidon Oil Rig, where the President (the acting commander-in-chief) and other high-ranking officials were also located, along with the necessary support staff and a significant contingency of seasoned soldiers of the regular army and elite Secret Service agents, all eventually armed with power armor and energy weapons as standard issue equipment.

The second-largest base in the New California region was Camp Navarro, a pre-War Poseidon Oil refinery-turned-military outpost acting as a waystation for Vertibirds and their primary outpost for mainland operations. It was heavily defended, with dual plasma turrets covering the perimeter and an entire field of plasma mines securing the exterior of the complex. Guards in advanced power armor were stationed in the proper base as well as regularly patrolling the surrounding region.

Leader of the Department of the Army forces in the Capital Wasteland in 2277, Col. Augustus Autumn

Following the the destruction of the oil rig and the attack on Navarro, the remaining Enclave military forces rallied and withdrew to the east coast under the direction of Augustus Autumn's father. Their destination was the Raven Rock continuity of government facility, which was adopted as their new command center.[7]

These major facilities were not the Enclave's only outposts, however. Numerous other outposts were present in some form or another across the United States. In Appalachia, a splinter group formed in The Whitespring bunker underneath Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart following the loss of contact with the Oil Rig. According to sources amongst the Capital Region Enclave forces, there was an outpost in Chicago at some point. The current status of these facilities is unknown, but others still remain either manned, automated, or otherwise.



The primary leadership of all Enclave military forces is that of Enclave High Command, who are based out of an unidentified location in 2277.[8] Their status after the fall of Adams Airforce Base is unknown, but leadership remains to some degree in the various Enclave installations throughout the former United States.[9]



An Enclave trooper in advanced power armor Mark I in 2241.

The Army proper composes the bulk of the Enclave's military forces, the infantry that carries out the Enclave's will in the wasteland. Soldiers were equipped with both various models of Enclave power armor as well as certain models combat armor. Equally, they were armed with the most advanced forms of weaponry available, most typically Energy Weapons. Utilizing advanced military training that was created by their pre-war predecessors, the Army's infantry is among the most lethal opponents in the wasteland. Supplementing these human soldiers are various forms of combat robots, including militarized Mister Handy units, Mister Gutsy units, and sentry bots. The Appalachia branch also included Assaultron units in their security force at the Whitespring bunker.[10]

Most Army units operate in conjunction with Air Force Vertibirds to form what is known as Verti-assault teams. Able to strike quickly and without warning, they are among the Enclave's effective tools. Such a team was used to abduct the inhabitants of Vault 13. In the Capital Wasteland, Enclave Verti-assault teams were frequently deployed against both the Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel as well as various raider and wastelander groups throughout the region.

An Enclave transport Vertibird and its Verti-assault team, preparing to abduct the inhabitants of Vault 13.

The Army also supplemented its forces with deathclaw units in two different forms. In the New California, the Enclave crafted the intelligent deathclaws to covertly guard certain locations with plausible deniability. When they discovered their creations were more intelligent than their thought and had turned against them, these deathclaws were put to death. Later in the Capital Wasteland, Army units would utilize captured deathclaws equipped with domestication units to guard their camps and attack various hostile targets.

Air Force

The Air Force of the Department of the Army maintains the Enclave's fleet of Vertibird transports and gunships. Typically their duties involve transporting Army personnel into the field for their deployments, but they also provide aerial support via strafing runs utilizing the Vertibird's mounted weaponry to wear down opponents on the ground as well as carpet bombing enemy positions with mini nukes.

The Air Force utilizes two models of Vertibird. The first being a transport model frequently utilized in the California Region, while the second is a gunship model based on the prototype XBV02 Vertibird that was originally slated for deployment in 2085.


The Department of the Army maintains a small naval force comprised of a few pre-War battleships,[11] as well as the PMV Valdez.[12] It is unknown if these battleships are the remains of the United States Pacific Fleet or represent a different Enclave asset.

Secret Service

Main article: Secret Service

The United States Secret Service was a government agency tasked with protecting the United States President, as well as members of the government. Following the Great War, they were reformed under the auspices of the Enclave for a similar yet distinctly different purposes. While they continued to be tasked with protecting the government and the president, their mandates occasionally include being deployed on delicate missions in the wasteland. Examples of this include eliminating personnel at a Brotherhood outpost or in state-sanctioned assassinations of civilian targets).[13][14]

Special Agent Frank Horrigan is perhaps the most notable member of the Enclave Secret Service.[15]


Enclave Patrols

In order to maintain their control of their territory, the Enclave utilizes well-equip patrols of various forms. These soldiers are typically clad in advanced power armor and armed with a wide variety of weaponry, including energy weapons and heavy armaments such as miniguns and missile launchers. In the Capital Wasteland, they also supplemented these patrols with sentry bots and Mister Gutsy units.

Enclave Control Company

A squad belonging to the Enclave Control Company in 2242.

The Enclave Control Company, usually abbreviated as ECC, is an elite unit intended to serve as perimeter defense of Enclave installations throughout the wasteland.

One particular squad, under the command of Sergeant Granite, was part of the security forces on Control Station ENCLAVE. Their members are equipped with the best and most advanced weapons and powered armor available to the Enclave in 2242. During the Chosen One's assault on the Oil Rig, Granite and his squad were potentially fought and killed by them during their battle against Secret Service special agent Frank Horrigan, or were convinced to assist the Chosen One in eliminating Horrigan.

Constituency Enforcement Points

A network of military checkpoints set up across the wasteland after the reactivation of Project Purity. These camps ranged from purely military defensive outposts intended to further the Enclave's control over the Capital Wasteland to research outposts that studied the local flora and fauna of the region under the guidance of Enclave scientists.

Camp RHO

Though part of the Constituency Enforcement Point deployments, Camp RHO also served as a testbed for Enclave Research and Development technology. The camp was built with a surrounding network of turrets with the RHO chip encoded in them, with the objective of the camp to determine the viability of a system where a single overseeing officer is deployed with a network of turrets.

Enclave Squad Sigma

The Enclave Squad Sigma is the Department of the Army's special forces units. Comprised of veteran soldiers reassigned to these elite units, members of Sigma Squads are highly-trained in a wide variety of combat and armed with the latest and greatest in Enclave technology. When necessary, Enclave High Command deploys a Sigma Squad against individuals or groups they deem to be high-level threats as well as to protect important Enclave installations, such as the mobile base crawler in Adams Air Force Base.[16][17]


The Enclave is one of the most technologically advanced military powers in the wastes, having access to stocks of highly advanced weaponry and equipment. This ranges from pre-war military technologies, such as artillery units and urban plasma rifles, to advanced suits of powered armor and VTOL transport craft they personally developed during their years of isolation. The Enclave also maintained several satellite-based platforms that orbited around the Earth. This included the Kovac-Muldoon Platform intended for the defense of the Appalachia region as well as the Bradley-Hercules weapon platform stationed over the Capital Wasteland region. Likewise, multiple Enclave military facilities maintained artificial intelligence tasked with overseeing personnel and base operations, including a ZAX unit at Raven Rock and MODUS at the Whitespring bunker.

Despite these technologies, however, their primary disadvantage is their numbers; the Enclave has severely limited manpower. This, combined with the loss of key installations, has greatly restricted its capability to project power across the United States efficiently. Still, at their prime, they were considered to be the most advanced military force in the wasteland.[18]


The Enclave has gone to war on more than one occasion. Chronological order of the wars they have played a part in are as followed:


The Enclave Department of the Army appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 76, and indirectly in Fallout 2. It was also to appear in the canceled Van Buren.


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