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The Department of the Army[4] is the standing armed paramilitary force of the Enclave. It is the most technologically advanced, and well trained military group in the known post-nuclear United States.



The Department existed before the war, as evidenced by the U.S. Covert Operations Manual Perk magazine and the terminal found at the South Boston military checkpoint.

Little is known about its status as the Enclave military before 2077, and it is not entirely out of the question that they may not have been Enclave at all, with the Enclave originating from the United States government and army. However, the Enclave presence on the Oil Rig indicates that at least some kind of a security force was present.

Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Another indicator is the Bloomfield Space Center, which was taken over by Enclave agents following the abandonment of the space project by the U.S. government and secured for their purposes (including transportation off-world.)

Gametitle-VBEnd of information based on Van Buren.


With the great nuclear devastation of 2077 and the subsequent collapse of the United States, Enclave members and loyalists relocated to reinforced locations across the United States,[5] with the headquarters being established on the Poseidon Oil Rig. Additionally, numerous military stockpiles were commandeered, either remotely or by the evacuating Enclave themselves, providing the organization with necessary ordnance.

With extreme levels of radiation persisting on the mainland, they were forced to remain within their bases, as the regular T-51b power armor was unable to provide adequate protection. The Enclave's military were steadily trained and expanded, with new equipment being developed for use in the field, including the venerable advanced power armor. The Enclave began to become involved on the mainland, operating under the radar of the emerging wasteland powers as the now long-dormant one...

Military presenceEdit

See also: Enclave facilities

Enclave trooper in advanced power armor Mark I (2241)

The government of the Enclave was located on the Poseidon Oil Rig, where the President (the acting commander-in-chief) and other high-ranking officials were also located, along with the necessary support staff and a significant contingency of seasoned soldiers of the regular army and elite Secret Service agents, all eventually armed with power armor and energy weapons as standard issue equipment.

The second largest base was Navarro, a pre-War Poseidon Oil refinery-turned-military outpost acting as a waystation for Vertibirds and their first outpost out on the United States mainland. It was heavily defended, with dual plasma turrets covering the perimeter, deadly efficient guards in advanced power armor stationed in the base and patrolling some of the areas around it, and an entire field of plasma mines securing the exterior of the complex.

Colonel Autumn

Top field commander of the Department of the Army in the Capital Wasteland in the year 2277, Col. Augustus Autumn

Sometime after the destruction of the oil rig and the attack on Navarro[citation needed], the remaining Enclave military forces rallied and withdrew to the east coast under the direction of Augustus Autumn's father. Their destination was the Raven Rock continuity of government facility, which was adopted as their new command center.

In addition, numerous other outposts were present in some form or another across the United States, either manned, automated, or otherwise.



The nationwide leadership of all currently known Enclave military holdings, divisions and otherwise across the remains of the country belongs to the enigmatic Enclave High Command, who are based out of an unidentified location.[6]



The Enclave's military force is very small, but powerful; however, according to the Fallout Bible, the Enclave army was composed of hundreds of soldiers. Their limited numbers (decimated further after the destruction of the Oil Rig) are offset by their unlimited access to advanced technologies―a private is usually outfitted with a suit of advanced power armor and a high-grade energy weapon (usually a laser rifle or plasma rifle). They also possess the ability to project power beyond any other factions in the wastes, thanks to their Vertibirds. Furthermore, their numbers are augmented by an assortment of military robots at their disposal, ranging from Mister Handy service bots to the powerful sentry bots.

In terms of training, they are second to none, drawing from the best traditions of pre-War U.S. military and training their soldiers using its methods, resulting in a uniformly efficient and deadly fighting force. The only comparable organization in this regard is the Brotherhood of Steel, and even they are inferior, as the Brotherhood's xenophobia and focus on technology have resulted in military training eroding. The New California Republic Army, while not as well-equipped or trained, has the numbers, a vast army of soldiers far greater in number than anything the Brotherhood or the Enclave can muster, negating their technological advantage. For example, the NCR took Navarro after the destruction of the Oil Rig, despite a very high difference in terms of technology and training.

Air ForceEdit

Fo3 Enclave Vertibird Corps Emblem

Enclave Air Force emblem

FO2 Intro APA

A Verti-assault team lying in wait

The most effective combat units, Verti-assault teams are composed of several troopers. Their Vertibirds are equipped with Gatling lasers for attacking infantry, missile launchers for dogfighting and attacking ground infantry or specific areas, and mini nukes to perform bombing runs. Verti-assault teams commonly set out to drop off squads at camps, or other strategic locations.


Despite the fact that the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy was ordered to the Poseidon deep sea oil derrick on March 30, 2076 via Presidential order,[7] it is unknown if after the Great War the Enclave maintain control of or utilize any functioning United States Navy warships and/or sea vessels aside from the PMV Valdez (albeit indirectly).[8]

Secret ServiceEdit

The United States Secret Service was a United States federal government agency, operating under the auspices of the Enclave following the Great War and the organization succeeding the American government.

The Secret Service was reformed, tasked with protecting the government (most notably the President), though their mandates will occasionally include being deployed on delicate missions to the mainland (such as silencing a Brotherhood outpost or in state-sanctioned assassinations).[9][10]

Frank Horrigan, during his tenure as the Presidential bodyguard, would be considered a part of the Secret Service.[11]


Enclave PatrolsEdit

One of the most deadly encounters in the wastes, Enclave Patrols are composed of three troopers in advanced power armor usually armed with various energy weapons (laser and plasma rifles) or infantry support weapons such as Avenger miniguns.

They are made more dangerous by their employment of effective small-unit tactics. They use techniques such as flanking and using sentry bots to provide cover fire. They rarely use hand-to-hand weapons, and are very adept at using high-yield grenades to force enemies out of cover.

Enclave Control Company (ECC)Edit

Fo2 EC Company

An elite unit responsible for perimeter defense, a squad of which assisted the Chosen One in eliminating Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan, under the command of Sergeant Granite. Their members are equipped with the best and most advanced weapons and powered armor available to the Enclave in 2242 and are a very versatile group.

Granite's squad was composed of four elite Enclave troopers:

RHO ExperimentEdit

An experimental camp consisting of a network of turrets with the RHO chip encoded in them. The experiment focuses on the viability of a system where a single overseeing officer is deployed with a network of turrets (thus showing that even after severe blows to their groups integrity they still had the manpower and flexibility to deploy such experimental systems.)

Constituency Enforcement PointsEdit

A network of military checkpoints set up across the wasteland after the reactivation of Project Purity. Additionally, multiple Enclave outposts, either military, scientific, or both, were initialized all across the Capital Wasteland.

Enclave Squad SigmaEdit

The Sigma squad is a special unit of Enclave soldiers guarding the mobile base crawler in 2277. The Sigma squad is assigned to protect the crawler in case of an attack. It consists of six Enclave soldiers and the Sigma leader, all with different specialties.


The Enclave is one of the most technologically advanced military powers in the wastes, having access to pre-War stocks of weaponry and equipment as well as advanced suits of powered armor and a fleet of working VTOL transport craft. However, their primary disadvantage is their numbers; the Enclave has severely limited manpower, restricting their capability to project power across the United States efficiently.

The Enclave have access to cutting-edge technology and equipment, surpassing anything other factions possess. Their most basic (and advanced) asset is the advanced power armor, significantly better than the T-51b power armor encountered in the wastes in terms of protection, survivability, and general efficiency.[12][13] Coupled with their access to stocks of pre-War energy weapons and manufacturing facilities to create more, they field a disturbingly effective array of state of the art ranged weaponry.


The Enclave has gone to war on more than one occasion. A chronological order of the wars they have been stated to have played a part in are as followed:


The Department of the Army appears in Fallout 3, and indirectly in Fallout 2, on the cover of U.S. Covert Operations Manual in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, and was also to appear in the canceled Van Buren.



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Enclave Symbol (FO3)
Enclave Symbol (FO3)
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