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So, as your President, I am the voice, I am the heart and soul of the Enclave. That is to say, I am the voice, heart, and soul... of America.— President John Henry Eden

The Enclave is a remnant of the United States pre-War government.[1][2]


The Enclave was comprised of members of the government, Joint Chiefs, and successful scientists.[3][4] Research initiatives of the entity included those centered on power armor, rocketry, and energy weapon prototypes.[5] During the Resource Wars, members of the Enclave made contingency plans in case of nuclear war, included securing installations such as the presidential oil rig and congressional bunker.[6][7][8] In March 2077, the president of the United States retreated to the oil rig, resulting in news outlets such as the Boston Bugle reporting the action "giving credence to the long-running rumors of a secret, militarized shadow government, known as the Enclave."[4][9]



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During the Great War, government officials fled to the Appalachian bunker.[10] Those who were members of the Enclave were allowed entrance and those who were not were killed.[11] The military locked Enclave members out of their systems, and the bunker was unable to reach Raven Rock or Poseidon locations by radio.[12][13] Without the ability to contact the president or Raven Rock, the leadership of the Appalachian Enclave fell to the Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart after the death of the Secretaries of the Interior and Treasury.[14]

West Coast


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Led by President Dick Richardson and Vice President Daniel Bird, the Enclave contingent on the West Coast of the former United States established facilities in addition to the oil rig, such as the Camp Navarro military base.[15][16] With a limited range, vertibirds were able to refuel at the isolated Navarro location.[17][18] Enclave Control Company maintained perimeter defense of the facility.[19] Additional outposts were located throughout the former state of California.[20] Specialized units such as the Secret Service were tasked with protecting specific interests.[21][22][23]

East Coast

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The Enclave forces on the eastern seaboard were focused in locations such as the Adams Air Force Base and Raven Rock.[24][25] Following the fall of the contingent on the west coast, President John Henry Eden took office, next in the line of succession.[26] Under his leadership, patrols monitor civilian behavior through a system of checkpoints.[27] President Eden can be heard broadcasting on Enclave Radio throughout the region.


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A group of scattered veterans living in the Mojave Wasteland after the destruction of the oil rig.[28] The group utilized a bunker to stash their equipment and vertibird, continuing their attempt to integrate unnoticed into the New California Republic.[29] The surviving members settled near New Vegas,[30] and remnants will reminisce about a time where the Enclave gave the group purpose, and that their goals were always focused on trying to civilize things regardless of the outcome.[31]






A Children of Atom member named Brian Richter is a former member of the Enclave, appearing in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.[36]

Behind the scenes


The Enclave is mentioned in all games throughout the Fallout series, with the exception of Fallout and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.



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