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The employee tunnels are a location in the Nuka-World Amusement Park.


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The player character can easily enter from the south door of the employee tunnels, located near the Blast Off! ride. Alternatively, to gain access to the employee tunnels the player character can pick up a key from King Cola's Castle Tower.

At the south entrance, the player character can encounter a feral ghoul reaver. The middle entrance door is locked with an Expert lock, located near the Blast Off! ride, close to the center of the park.

There is a cooking stove and refugee terminal in a room with some bunk beds. West of that room leads to the west side of the park and to the east is a room with a pool table. Past the room with the pool table is where the player character will find Oswald the Outrageous talking to a painted ghoul.

After he vanishes, the player character can fight the ghoul and make their way to the pump control system. Here the player character can turn off the sprayers in the park, but as long as Oswald is still around he will turn them back on when the player character leaves the tunnels.

In the room with the water basin and the pumps, there is a pipe leading to the secure beverageer lab. A metal door blocks the entrance to this pipe, the terminal unlocking this door is only accessible from the lab.

Notable lootEdit


The employee tunnels appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Behind the scenesEdit

The tunnels are based on the "utilidor" tunnel system that runs underneath Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.


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