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Have you ever been outside this house since the war? Have you seen what it's like out there?— Emogene Cabot to her mother, Wilhelmina Cabot

Emogene Cabot is a member of the Cabot family living in Boston in 2287.


Emogene Cabot is the youngest and most flirtatious member of the Cabot family. Like her mother, Wilhelmina, and brother, Jack, she uses a special serum derived from her father's blood to defy aging and has been doing so since she was 32 years old.[2][3][1] She was well known for her beauty before the Great War and was a three-time "Miss Boston" pageant winner.[4] She was equally well known in the family for her numerous lovers, such as Robert, a federal employee who informed the family of the delicate geopolitical situation in the Sino-American War.[5][6]

During the Great War, while Jack and Edward Deegan were away at Parsons State Insane Asylum, Emogene thwarted a takeover of Cabot House by Anders, one of their employees, who tried to forced the family out of the house at gunpoint. Instead, Emogene killed Anders and subsequently took charge of the house, restoring power and defending the property.[7][8]

While appearing to be the most frivolous and irresponsible of the Cabots, Emogene is highly empathetic and self-aware about her family's privileged status compared to the outside world,[9][10] viewing her mother as perpetually in denial and her brother as too absorbed in his work. She is the only one of the Cabots who has tried to stop taking the serum, but could not bring herself to continue, and knows that now that they have had a taste of longevity, they would never willingly give it up even if they believe they could.[11] She has become existentially bored and describes herself as "just going through the motions," privately suspecting that Jack has also given up on curing their father.[12] However, this has not stopped Emogene from continuing her rebellious ways, despite her family's attempts to dissuade her from leaving the house. She especially dislikes Jack's practice of sending hired thugs to bring her home, viewing it as his attempts to control her life.[4][13]

Most recently, she took an interest in Brother Thomas, but this quickly fell apart when he turned out to be part of a cult. When she refused to join, he locked her in his office to change her mind. Meanwhile, Emogene is content to wait for Thomas to change his mind instead.[14]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Other interactions[]

The Sole Survivor is asked by Jack to look for her during Emogene Takes a Lover. Upon rescuing her from the Pillars of the Community, she appears to be far older than her brother. With a Charisma check, she can be asked about this and will explain that she has not taken the serum that keeps the Cabots looking young in some time. She refuses to be escorted home, preferring to have a drink first.

Effects of player's actions[]

After the completion of Emogene Takes a Lover, she can be found in the Third Rail, looking much younger. She does not say anything more than "Ah, my hero." or "Yes?"



  • A painting of her can be found in the Grandchester Mystery Mansion but it is described as being a portrait of the late Morticia Grandchester.
  • Jack's terminal in the Cabot House has a glitch in which it displays his last name as "Cab0t" rather than "Cabot." This has apparently persisted ever since Jack first installed the terminal in 1968, and even RobCo technicians nearly a century later could not fix the glitch, much to his annoyance.[15] Secretly, this "glitch" (in its most modern form) was a prank played on Jack by Emogene via a bat file placed in the root directory of the RobCo database server.[16][17]


Emogene Cabot appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Online.



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