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The Emmett Mountain disposal site terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal at Emmett Mountain disposal site in Fallout 76.

Emmett Mountain disposal terminal

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Note: There are two of these desk terminals. The first desk terminal is located on the desk in the main office building. The other desk terminal is located on the desk in an office just inside the mine.

Emmett Mountain Disposal Site

Current Site Manager: Amelia Reynolds

Weekly Log EMDS-001A

=Site Supervisor: Wesley Wiskowski=
These logs are intended to track the progress of nuclear waste storage at this new facility. Disposal Cells 1-8 have been fully excavated and structural supports are in place. Each cell is rated to hold 128 55-gallon drums of nuclear waste, which puts our capacity at 1024 drums. We already have a batch that was delivered this week waiting for storage, so it looks like we're open for business.

Weekly Log EMDS-002A

=Site Supervisor: Wesley Wiskowski=
Seismos went nuts this morning and all the cameras in Disposal Cell 2 are dead. Looks like the supports snapped and we've had a cave collapse. Two of my guys were in that Cell doing inspections, but there's been no sign of them since the accident. When we started excavating the cell, the Geiger counters spiked which meant we were looking at a containment breach.

At this point, I'm declaring the trapped workers as deceased and we'll have to seal the area. I've contacted the foreman at the Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 for assistance.

Weekly Log EMDS-003A

=Site Supervisor: Wesley Wiskowski=
Even after sealing Disposal Cell 2, we're been reading high levels of radiation. Worse still, most of my staff are starting to show signs of radiation poisoning.

I sent requests up the ladder to the Energy Department, but all they came back with were 2 medical doctors who had more questions than answers. They keep poking and prodding at my men, asking them how they feel but not really treating them.

I'm starting to think we're being used as lab rats to test the long-term effects of radiation sickness on humans. It's ridiculous. I'm driving up to Washington tomorrow to give them a piece of my mind.

Weekly Log EMDS-004A

=Site Supervisor: Donald Clark=
I've been assigned to Emmett Mountain to replace outgoing Site Manager Wesley Wiskowski. I'm not sure why he left his assignment so abruptly, and frankly, I don't care. This is a big promotion for me, and I couldn't be happier.

My first order of business will be to go over every square inch of this facility and look for any deficient construction or equipment failures that could be contributing to the accidents they've been suffering. I'm also looking forward to working with the doctors we have on site that are helping monitor the employee's health. Nice to have them watching our backs.

Weekly Log EMDS-005A

=Site Supervisor: Donald Clark=
After an extensive survey of the site, I can confirm that the accident in Disposal Cell 2 was caused by deficient construction materials. They used WOODEN supports for goodness sake! How anyone would expect these not to dry-rot under these conditions is absolutely beyond me.

I've recommended that all seven remaining Disposal Cells receive metal reinforcements immediately. Beyond that, we've lost 30 of the 55-gallon drums of waste in the collapse, and they're likely seeping into the ground water.

It's absolutely infuriating that this facility was constructed so poorly. I think I'll have a nice, long chat with my supervisor back in D.C.

Weekly Log EMDS-006A

=Site Supervisor: Amelia Reynolds=
I've been assigned to Emmett Mountain to replace outgoing Site Manager Donald Clark. Everything at Emmett Mountain is running smoothly and within acceptable parameters. I've cancelled all the ridiculous work orders created by Donald Clark and I will carefully search for other ways to cut unnecessary costs.

Emmett Mountain inspector's terminal

Note: This terminal is not and has not been implemented in-game.

Emmett Mountain Disposal Site

Waste Inspector's Terminal B6

Inspector's Log B6XB-098A

Two months. I've been stuck at this post for two lousy months. I bet Wiskowski thought it was hilarious when I drew the short straw. Now I'm down here inspecting several metric tons of nuclear waste, while the rest of the team are up top in the fresh air. Luckily, my hazmat suit is only good for four hours before it needs to be decontaminated. Otherwise, I'd go crazy if I had to spend all day down here.

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Inspector's Log B6XB-102A

I was catching some breakfast at a diner this morning, when some john just sat right down at my table without asking. I was going to sock him, but he slid an envelope across to me and then just walked out without a single word.

First, I thought it was my ex-wife suing me again, but when I saw West Tek's logo at the top, I got excited. A new job offer maybe? Nope. Turns out they want to do a little dumping at the site and have someone like me "accidentally" overlook their barrels. There was also a bunch of hundreds in cash. Heck, if this is what they're paying, I'm in.

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Inspector's Log B6XB-140A

This little West Tek deal is turning out to be quite profitable. They stop by with a bunch of barrels, I "forget to inspect" the ones with the little green tags and then it all goes into deep storage.

As long as I keep it up, when I unfold my Sunday newspaper at home, a nice fat envelope falls into my lap. Couldn't be easier. Of course, what I'm doing isn't exactly legal, so I'm going to keep logging my story on this terminal - just in case it gets to court and West-Tek decides to throw me under the bus.

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Inspector's Log B6XB-157A

I've started wondering what the heck West Tek could be dumping that they don't want me to see. After all, how could it be much worse than a bunch of radioactive waste?

I could swing by West Tek's new facility near Huntersville and try to find someone to ask, but something tells me I won't get a lot of answers. No, I think I'm going to have to do this the hard way and inspect one of the barrels after all. I'll just make sure no one else is around when I do it.

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Inspector's Log B6XB-162A

West Tek are some sick bastards. I don't know what the hell they were experimenting on, but the contents of the barrel I opened was disgusting. It's some sort of bio-contaminated waste, like body parts or something.

I'm glad the parts aren't human - well, they can't be human unless humans suddenly grew thick greenish skin. Must be some kind of animal or something, I don't know and I don't care. As long as they keep paying, I'll let them keep dumping.

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