The Emmett Mountain disposal site is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


The Emmett Mountain disposal site was a pre-War nuclear waste storage facility with a capacity of 1024 55-gallon barrels.[1]


Upon entering from the main entrance, one will find a small office space inside a bunker. Beyond this there is an assortment of trucks and equipment in a lot littered with radioactive barrels, so taking anti-radiation measures is advised. South of the entrance is a larger bunker. Inside is a terminal with logs from before the War. One can also find hazmat suits here. There is a locked explosives box in a side room.

In the center of the lot is a metal shed filled with more barrels. There is a chance that two random armor modifications will spawn on the metal shelves inside. Up the hill to the south is a smaller shack inside a fenced-off area. Another armor modification may spawn on a shelf in here as well.

To the southeast against the cliff is a larger shed that leads into the cave. Another hazmat suit may spawn on a shelf along the back wall.


Immediately upon entering one will find a weapons workbench to the right. To the left is a locker room where a few more hazmat suits may spawn. Past the locker room is a hallway containing multiple decontamination arches which can be activated by a button on the wall.

To the right of the entrance one will find a locked door on a fenced area that houses a power armor station and may spawn a power armor chassis. Just outside of this is a console next to a large piece of machinery that may spawn a random plan. There is a fusion generator along the eastern wall.

Heading further north leads to a smaller room with a terminal. A prototype hazmat suit may spawn on one of the shelves along with some various junk scraps. A hole in the wall leads to a cave.

From the main entrance one can descend further into the site. A button on the right side of the wall will activate warning lights and an alarm, but doesn't appear to do anything else. Heading down one will find more irradiated barrels on pallets throughout the tunnel. You will arrive at a junction that splits off left and right. The tunnel to the left is partially flooded. There is a locked (Picklock 1) explosives crate near some irradiated barrels. The tunnel terminates soon after this point.

Taking a right at the junction will lead to the end of the other tunnel. There is a chance a deathclaw will spawn at the end of this tunnel. An industrial steamer trunk can be found along the north end of this tunnel between more barrels. This tunnel also connects back to the hole in the wall in the room with the terminal. There is a good amount of brain fungus along the walls of the cave.

Notable lootEdit

  • Fusion core - In the generator room to the right after entering the tunnel.
  • Hazmat suits:
    • Two damaged hazmat suits - One can be found just outside the entrance to the storage tunnels while another is in the locker room to the left after entering the tunnel.
    • Two hazmat suits - In the locker room to the left after entering the tunnel.
    • One prototype hazmat suit - In the small office past the generator room to the right after entering the tunnel.
  • Power armor chassis - Inside the cage in the generator room to the right after entering the tunnel.
  • Random Vault-Tec bobblehead - In a sink by the showers near the entrance to the interior, behind three barrels in the eastern shed.
  • Two random armor mods - Inside a metal shed in the center of the lot.


The Emmett Mountain disposal site appears only in Fallout 76.



  1. Emmett Mountain disposal site terminal entries#Weekly Log EMDS-001A: Each cell is rated to hold 128 55-gallon drums of nuclear waste, which puts our capacity at 1024 drums.
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