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Emily Weise was an employee of the D.C. Metro Office of Urban Planning before the Great War.


Emily is noted as the last individual to have logged into a terminal[1] located in a Seward Square office building (which does not show up as a marker on the world map but is the path for reaching the overhead walkway where a Talon Company sniper is positioned), located across the street from the Seward Square North Metro marker. The terminal, located on the second floor, is the only functional terminal in the building.


Upon accessing the terminal, one can attempt to submit Emily's timesheet, request her tax information, review personal information, contact technical support, or learn more about the computer system.

  • Attempting to submit Emily's timesheet will return a message stating that Emily has not worked enough hours since she submitted her last report 72,982 days ago. The terminal also suggests that Emily should work an extra 417,040 hours in order to correct her workload balance. The figures of 72,982 days and 417,040 hours do not change as time passes within the game and are both referencing a time frame around 200 years ago. The hours of course are based on a 2080 hour work year.
  • Requesting Emily's tax information brings up a message stating that the National Tax Record Tracking System (NTRTS) is experiencing downtime due to maintenance.
  • If the player character tries to access Emily's personal information, an "Error" message will be displayed followed by seemingly random numbers and letters.
  • Selecting the "Contact Technical Support" option on the terminal displays a message stating that there are no current issues with the system and that it is most likely user error.
  • The copyright notice for the software on the terminal incorrectly states the year 2256 as the date of origin. It should be 2056, as 2256 is after the war, only 20 years before the game setting.


Emily Weise is mentioned in Fallout 3.



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