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This is a transcript for dialogue with Emerson Hale.

COMP Conversation Astronaut Emerson 014 Athena

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
3 00572656 005726B5 Well... *sighs* ...actually you did. The contracts were... very thorough. And extremely obtuse. You could have never known. He hates correcting her on this.
4 00572659 00572667 I'll show you where you need to go. I'll shut down some of the internal power lines so A.T.H.E.N.A. can't detonate anything inside the facility... He's suddenly worried about revenge.
5 In some sort of... I don't know. Revenge. It's a primitive robotic system. It drove the Robobrains insane, you know. Trying to be helpful, reminding them of the dangers.
7 0057265E 0057267E You should know that her link to you isn't severed. I look into your eyes, Sofia, and she's there. Watching all of us. He hesitates to tell her this because ATHENA is watching him through Sofia's eyes.
11 0058F2A1 0058F2B1 Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't mean anything anymore. I'll do what I can. That's all I have left. He has regrets.
12 0058F2A2 0058F2B8 I'll make this right. I promise. Telling her what he'll do.
13 And... thank you, Sofia. I don't deserve it, but thank you. Heartfelt
14 0058F2A3 005A03DA I... I await your judgment.
15 005A1798 Hmm. Up to her then, I suppose.
16 0058F2A4 0058F2AF I know... and I'm sorry. I know it doesn't sound real but... I have wandered around for decades thinking of what I did. Imagining them up there. He's serious.
17 0058F2A5 0058F2B6 I wish I could change the past. I'm... I'm sorry. We'll end this, okay? If it's the last thing I do. We'll end this. Genuinely sorry.
18 0058F2A6 0058F2BC Yes... I couldn't tell Sofia, obviously, and I didn't know if I could trust you or if you would believe anything I said. He still isn't sure.
19 I figured... if she started to suffer, I would do anything I could to help. Until then... I searched for Dr. Nowak's lab. Thought the kill switch would be there. annoyed that he failed.
20 0058F2A7 0058F2B2 No... the neural pathways aren't compatible. It's a very simple robotic intelligence, designed to passively observe and collect. Informational only.
21 0058F2A8 0058F2B0 It was a government contract. Supposed to keep the peace. Ensure societal tranquility. I don't know really, I just... authorized everything. He feels shame for phoning it all in.
22 Who was I to stand up to all of them? I... should have though. I know that now. Remorseful
23 0058F2A9 0058F2B5 Yes, it might hurt... a lot. Maybe permanent damage. But keeping that thing connected will kill Sofia. He thinks this is true anyway.
24 0058F2AA 0058F2BD For a long time, I thought the old U.S.S.A. backup facilities here were gone. Heard a lot of rumors about it. Figured everyone was dead. He simply thought it was all over already.
25 Then I heard people were coming back here. Decided... I should be sure it was over. Tagged along with some nobodies... made it here with one goal: Starting nervous but ending in a place of determination
26 To blow up A.T.H.E.N.A. He says with vigor.
27 But then... Sofia lived. And it was complicated, because I knew A.T.H.E.N.A. was holding her hostage, and I had to find another way. He feels tremendous guilt about all of this.
28 0058F2AB 0058F2B4 *sighs* It was cheaper this way. Heavy sigh.
29 After we achieved orbit, we were told that our program was getting cut entirely due to lack of results. Recalling the tale from 30 years ago.
30 The scientists on the ship had exposed the program to the oversight board, and... we had deals with Arktos, RobCo, others... we were ruined. Spilling the beans.
31 I was ruined. Heavy sigh. Guilt.
32 Putting them in the pods gave us until 2080, when another crew was scheduled to take their place. We thought it was enough time. They were wrong.
33 I resigned and paid a fine for some ethics violations. I was hired by RobCo afterwards for triple my salary... and that was that. Relieved to finally tell someone his shame.
34 0058F2AC 0058F2B3 Exactly how could I do that? No. I didn't. The ship was supposed to switch to the secondary power cells a while ago. Sort of surprised that the player thought to ask this.
35 When Dr. Lee was... unavailable... the ship's Pandora Bot initiated Blue Sunset, which landed the ship near the strongest active U.S.S.A. Beacon. He says "landed" with a bit of hesitency because it actually crashed. Also, he forced Dr. Lee into a pod, so he feels guilty about that.
36 0058F2AD 0058F2B7 I had hoped that Dr. Nowak created some sort of shutdown routine for A.T.H.E.N.A., but almost everything was destroyed in the wreck. He's skeptical the program is real.
37 0058F2AE 0058F2BB No, they weren't. It's from the continued strain on your mind, Sofia. You could handle it when you were in Deep Sleep, but... not now. He's genuinely sorry. He's telling her that this won't get better.
38 005A03CE 0058F2B9 If we were ever friends, if any of that life before ever mattered, just... fix this. She's deeply disappointed with him. Suffering and sad. She wants to give him one last try.
43 005A0F50 005A0F55 Don't you understand? She's watching you, watching us, right now.
44 005A0F51 005A0F54 Your ship crashed here... Because A.T.H.E.N.A. is here. She's in a restricted section of Sugar Grove.
45 You need to find a way in. I lost my U.S.S.A. Keycard long ago. But surely you can find another?
46 That's all I can do. Sorry.
47 005A174D 005A1783 This... this is serious, isn't it? You feel like you're about to get yelled at.
48 005A1784 Sofia seemed to indicate she had something important to discuss. Speak to her. You feel like you're about to get yelled at.
49 005A1785 Whatever it is, I'm--I'm sure we can figure it out. You feel like you're about to get yelled at.
50 005A1786 Did... did it get hot all of a sudden? Must be the wind... You feel like you're about to get yelled at.
51 005A1788 A.T.H.E.N.A. A name I'd hoped to never hear again.
52 005A1789 Quiet now. It could be listening. Looking over your shoulder. You think someone could be listening in on your conversation.
53 005A178A Dealing with that system... you'll want to take extra caution. You feel like you're about to get yelled at.

COMP Quest Outtro Full Astronaut

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
25 0056BF43 00573B08 I'm sorry, I just.. I'm sorry.
26 00573B25 I tried to prevent this... I'm sorry.
27 What can I do?
41 005733CC 005733D6 We should use Arachne and be done with it.
42 Just don't listen to her. She's a machine. She doesn't feel anything.
44 005733CE 005733D7 You made it. You actually made it here. We can finally take care of A.T.H.E.N.A. once and for all.
51 00573AB8 00573AEB Okay.. uh.. bye.
56 00573ABB 00573AF3 I... I heard. Yeah. Makes sense. It's okay, I get it.
57 00573ABC 00573AE3 Oh... strange. I guess I get it. But... that's fine. I see how it is.
58 00573ABD 00573AF8 You know... that's a great idea. Maybe I could hitch a ride with some traders and go to D.C. or up to the northeast somewhere... good idea, friends.
59 00573ABE 00573AE7 Oh. Well that's a bit much, don't you think? I mean... shouldn't we remain civil? Okay... okay, I'm leaving...
60 00573ABF 00573AFA Well, that's dramatic.
61 005A12FC You certainly seem ready to embrace the dramatic for solution that may not even have actually cured you.
65 00573AC1 00573AFF I don't know if that was a wise choice, friends.
66 00573AC2 00573AEE Okay... I get it. I'll... I'll give it some time to cool off before I visit.
67 00573AC3 00573B04 I only wish we could have helped the others. I don't know what went wrong... maybe I shouldn't have cut those wires?
68 00573AC4 00573AF1 I will. I've got connections. I'll make it worth your while.
71 00573AC6 00573AE5 I'll bring by some med kits for you once in a while, hopefully that will help with your headaches.
75 00573AC9 00573AE4 Okay.... okay.
76 00573ACA 00573AF7 Oh uh. Okay. Sure. I can do that.
77 00573ACB 00573AE6 Yes... yes of course. It's just my first and last name, and my password is... uh... "admin"...
78 00573ACC 00573AFB I understand.
79 00573ACD 00573B00 Last time I severed the connection to a subject, they died. Transferring the connection... could work. I don't know. It's a risk.
80 00573ACE 00573AEF I understand. I don't blame you one bit. I'm... I'm glad you found somebody that you can trust.
84 00573AD1 00573B0A I'm sorry this happened to you, Sofia.
127 005A12C4 005A1306 Well... at least a resolution has been reached...
128 005A1307 I guess I'll be going then.
129 005A1308 You made the right decision. For all of us.
130 005A130A The thing doesn't even care if you destroy it. Simply deploy Arachne and be done with it.
131 005A130B It is time for you to correct our mistake.
132 005A130C You're not worried about the "ARTEMIS" unit, I hope. It's docile, I assure you.
133 005A130D Hmm. Orders or not, the decision here is simple - deploy Arachne and destroy A.T.H.E.N.A.
156 005A12D7 005A12E7 I'm sorry this happened to you, Sofia.
158 005A12D9 005A12EA I understand. I don't blame you one bit. I'm... I'm glad you found somebody that you can trust.
160 005A12DB 005A12F0 Sofia! Are you all right?

COMP Conversation Astronaut Emerson 003 FirstMet

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 00563F94 00563FAD Maybe. I've heard a couple scavengers say that parts of the ship have already been scrapped... same goes for any other ship debris. He knows more than what he's saying.
3 Best to just... move on. It's honestly shocking that you survived as it is. I'm serious. He really is shocked. Kind of annoyed, too.
4 00563F96 00563FAF So you're staying at this uh... place? I guess you really decided to jump into modern Appalachian life, huh? Commenting on the player's camp which could be a mansion or a tiny junkpile.
7 00563F98 00563FB0 Welcome... back to Earth, I guess. Welcome to Appalachia. He's almost sorry for her, in a way. But he's mostly surprised she's alive.
9 00563F9A 00563FA2 Well, you look exactly the same. I never believed... *clucks tongue* I wondered who picked up my beacon... well, I'll be damned. He never believed he'd see her ALIVE because he tried to kill her in her sleep. He has regrets. She doesn't know any of this so he'll spin it.
12 00568CC3 00568CCC That's good. I'm glad you're making friends already, I suppose... Chuckling a bit. So much has changed in the world and she's making friends.
20 0057237F 00572389 Ha! That will be quite the chat. You've missed a lot, and I still don't really get what happened, either. Inviting the player to participate
21 Maybe your friend and I can fill it in some blanks here... let's see. Where should we start? Going to start a conversation where the player fills in some blanks in a guided way.
22 005A1781 Ha! That will be quite the chat. You've missed a lot, and I still don't really get what happened, either. Inviting the player to participate
23 But that's a talk for... another time perhaps. Avoiding what would be a hard conversation.
24 0058DD78 0058DDCC Mm-hmm. Bye now. Leaving in a hurry.
25 0058DD79 0058DDB2 People have arrived here for all sorts of reasons, really. I came back to see if anything survived from the old U.S.S.A. facilities... He catches himself in the middle of giving something away.
26 And uh, not much did. It's too bad. Oh well though, right? Covering his ass.
27 0058DD7B 0058DDC7 Oh hey, we've got ourselves a comedian here. They always said the roaches would survive, but I didn't know that included clowns. Sorry that Sofia has to put up with this shit.
28 0058DD7D 0058DDAE A lot of us have arrived lately, that's true. I came in with some regular folk, traders, that sort of thing. Safety in numbers, my friends. Offering a free tip that everyone already knows.
29 0058DD7F 0058DDBF Fascinating. Well, I worked here a long time ago but I only recently arrived again. Followed some folks out here. Basically true.
30 Wanted to see if anything survived from the U.S.S.A. for old time's sake. Hiding a little bit more. Not overtly suspicious.
32 0058DD82 0058DDBA That's fair. A lot of people died. This is a new world with new problems. He agrees with the player.
33 0058DD84 0058DDA7 Anyway, look... I need to go. I'll be back another time and we can chat some more. Okay? He's cutting it short, he wants to eject.
37 0058DD87 0058DDB4 Succinct. He likes that.
38 Mostly everything, anyway. Most cities... it's hard to know the extent of anything, really. Everything was just... gone. Remembering.
39 Who did it? Ah, who knows now. The news was gone too, you know. Probably everybody had their fingers in that pie. Hedging his bets. He doesn't know, or doesn't want her to think he knows.
40 0058DD89 0058DDCB Cities were devastated. My family... was at home in D.C. We just bought that place. I was on the phone the day before arguing with the movers... Distant memories of a different time.
41 I was in a secure place, but I knew they were gone. I figured... everyone was. This is true.
44 0058DD8D 0058DDC6 There are so many different answers to this. Some people hid in bunkers and scavenged, others moved around all the time... I don't know. Shrugs
45 I stayed in the compound for a while with my coworkers, then we parted ways. They could be alive or dead. He doesn't care.
46 0058DD8F 0058DDAD That's right. You probably remember Vault-Tec building those things... I can hear my parents saying "I told you so" all these years later. Sort of annoyed.
47 The Great War happened that October 23rd, 2077... and well, everyone outside of a Vault had to figure out other plans. It was a rough day for everyone, but he was safe.
48 0058DD91 0058DDBE It was a Saturday. October 23rd, 2077. It lasted... almost no time at all, but it felt like an eternity. This is true.
49 I always figured the cities got bombed first, but it's hard to know. It was so fast, and so long ago... Remembering so long ago.
50 Who did it? I dunno, kid. It's been forever and it's not like the news ever came back on television, you know. Dismissively
52 0058DD94 0058DDB9 I see. Well, is there anything I can help with while I'm here? Supplies, medicines...? Questions, I guess? Speaking to the player and the astronaut. Skeptical of the player's motivations, but also doesn't care a lot. It's said for show.
53 0058DD95 0058DDA6 My best guess? Probably ran out of fuel, and the auto-pilot guided it to the nearest U.S.S.A. facility. Oh, what does it matter? She lived! What a miracle! He's lying about why it crashed. He tries to change the subject.
54 0058DD97 0058DDB5 There's a bunch of them out there. Seems that their algorithms got scrambled or something. Who can say. He is hiding something, he doesn't walk to talk about this, and he thinks the player should mind their own business.
55 They used to come after me, but it seems like they have a higher priority target now. Smirking. He knows more than he's saying. He has lead the robots to her camp, after all.
56 0058DD99 0058DDA3 We had some Emergence Kits back in the day. They were specifically designed to help people emerge from deep sleep specifically. I bet I can find some of those. Not Emergency -- "Emergence" like you are emerging from deep sleep.
59 0058DD9C 0058DDAF I hope your good samaritan here has helped you out with more than just a place to... uh... crash. Speaking to the player. Skeptical of the player's motivations, but also doesn't care a lot. It's said for show. Joke at the end.
60 0058DD9D 0058DDC0 Sure is. For a while I had hoped that I could contact somebody else to monitor the Deep Sleep mission until... we could figure something out. He's hiding something here. He was partially to blame for the crash.
61 0058DD9F 0058DDBB I suspect her escape ship's auto-pilot sent the ship on a trajectory to any known U.S.S.A. location using its... admittedly very old data. Trying to dismiss the player's concerns
62 0058DDA1 0058DDA8 They weren't in the escape capsule, I take it? He's hiding stuff. He knows they weren't.
63 Well, that is unfortunate. Trying to cover up something, but not that obvious about it. He is relieved that they didn't survive though.
64 0058EA02 0058EA10 Honestly, I didn't even mean that as an insult. I find the creativity of the locals to be... impressive. I just live in an old military base, myself. A little condescending, but trying to make peace.
65 0058EA04 0058EA0D No offense intended, friend. I live in an old military base, so I'm not one to talk about anybody's creativity here. He's sort of a jerk, but mostly just not a people person.
66 0058EA06 0058EA0F I didn't mean to be offensive. Your home is, uh, fine. I'm not creative in that way... I mean, I squat in an old military base right now, personally. This is a clue. He lives in a secret base where the player will eventually discover major secrets. He hesitates to say creative here.
67 005A176A 005A1778 I simply cannot believe she's returned.
68 005A1779 To have survived all she has... remarkable.
69 005A177A It's been... such a long time.

COMP Conversation Astronaut Emerson 008 Revelations

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 00572361 0057238B You just have to find the contract itself, I guess. He's annoyed, it's been so long and he wasn't to blame for all of this... just a little (in his mind)
5 00572364 0057238E Arktos Pharma and the U.S.S.A. made a deal to use some serum in the Deep Sleep project. They made it, but it didn't work, okay? He is hiding something, but he doesn't want to let on. This is a half truth. They did make the serum for the project, but it sort of worked.
6 00572365 0057238D It was a bio-medical thing with Arktos. I don't know the details anymore. It was literally decades ago. You get that, right? Trying to remind her that it's been a long time, hoping it will make her sympathetic.
10 0058EACE 0058EAE2 You're... right. Okay. Listen... Worried, upset, does want to make things right but didn't actually want to do it.
11 0058EAD2 0058EAE0 They're a pharmaceutical company, and they made the serum that we used in the experiment. Who cares? This is ancient news. Shrugs, he doesn't think it's a big deal.
12 0058EAD4 0058EAE8 Right. Fine. I will. I should. I meant to, I just... got distracted... Muttering
13 0058EAD5 0058EADC Okay, okay! Geez Louise. Gives up, is scared and annoyed.
14 0058EAD6 0058EADA Look, my memory isn't reliable anymore. I've been nuked more times than I can remember. Literally. Nervous, irritated, he doesn't want to be here anymore.
15 0058EAD7 0058EAE1 I'll be back with something for those headaches later... I promise. I'm sorry about all this, I really am. Muttering
16 0058EAD8 0058EAE3 I do... I... I actually really do care. I didn't want her to stay up there so long... *sighs* Sighs as he's leaving.
17 0058EAD9 0058EADB Arktos Pharma and the U.S.S.A. made a deal to create a serum... Serum K, maybe? It was going to help with the Deep Sleep Project. He is hiding something, but is relieved to let go of it a bit. This is a half truth. They did make the serum for the project, but it sort of worked.
18 That's all I know. I wish... I could do more. Half truth - not completely obvious. Sincere about wishing he could help more.
19 005A1762 005A177C I hope you're both being cautious as you do your... exploring. You're concerned the player is snooping into business that'd be better left buried.
20 005A177D You and Sofia seem to share a certain... boldness. That's for sure. You're concerned the player is snooping into business that'd be better left buried.
21 005A177E I'm not sure I care for the direction your recent actions are taking. You're concerned the player is snooping into business that'd be better left buried.
22 005A177F What exactly is it you two want here, I wonder. You're concerned the player is snooping into business that'd be better left buried.
23 005A1780 Sometimes I wonder if the past wouldn't be better left where it was... You're concerned the player is snooping into business that'd be better left buried.
30 005A19D1 00572386 Tell me you're not still chasing ghosts? Trying to be optimistic. He truly hopes she's not continuing down this path.
31 0057239E *sighs* I knew... some of it. I was just a manager... I didn't really read the technical mumbo-jumbo. Long sigh. He knows he's backed into a corner now. He might be a bit relieved though.

COMP Conversation Astronaut Emerson 005 RegretToInform

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00572370 00572391 I'm tracking down some more of them with my contacts so I'll be back later. Stay out of trouble, please. He's hiding something, but also telling the truth. He means stay PUT and stop meddling.
4 00572376 0057239B Seems like a waste of time to me. You have your answers. Nowak, Lee, Bernard... they're all dead. Long dead. He actively doesn't want her to do this.
5 You're not. Reminding her of something she knows, trying to be a slap in the face to wake up.
6 Move on. Live your life. Build onto this... Appalachian uh... home... with your good samaritan friend here. Lie low. Warnings. Suggestions.
9 00572379 00572381 Maybe that's true. It's all in the past though. Dismissively
10 Focus on things you can actually change. For example, those robots. Have you found any more? Trying to change the subject again.
11 0057237B 00572385 Glad to help... so. Last time we spoke, you both were tracking down the crew's signal. What did you find? Genuinely curious.
13 0057237D 00572392 Figured I would stop by and give you this Emergence Kit. It should help with your headaches for a little while. He's genuinely trying to help, but he is also hiding something in this conversation.
14 0058DD6F 0058DDB8 Okay... you should do that. Appalachia is dangerous, and these wild goose chases don't do anyone any good. Genuinely concerned.
15 0058DD70 0058DDA9 Not really... but back trace the program's signal that you picked up. Sofia can figure it out from there. Not sure if he should help.
16 0058DD71 0058DDBD I was going to anyway. I'll be back though, because... Sofia is my friend. My very old friend. Emphasizing that she's not from this time or place.
17 0058DD72 0058DDAC Just professional curiosity, really. These robots have come after me as well. Doesn't like the player. Is annoyed that he's being questioned.
18 0058DD73 0058DDC5 Ah. See? I told you. Probably a rogue programmer. Some sort of hippy that wanted to cause chaos, I bet. Dismissively
19 0058DD74 0058DDB0 Interesting. That's a rather old U.S.S.A. model, not many were ever made. Wondering why it was on the hunt.
20 0058DD75 0058DDCA It was a long shot anyway. It's good that you checked, at least. But we already had one miracle when Sofia survived. More would be... pushing it. He had no doubt.
21 0058DD76 0058DDB3 I figured as much. Just found parts of their suit, I'm guessing? That's basically a body. He didn't think it was even worth investigating.
22 0058DD77 0058DDA5 I knew them too, you know. I worked with them closely for years. Annoyed at the player.
23 005A1758 005A1774 Hmm. I'm curious to know how you've fared in your explorations.
24 005A1775 You seem to be making due under the circumstances.
25 005A1776 I do hope you don't mind the visit.

COMP Conversation Astronaut Emerson 011 Scared

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 0057236D 00572393 Because I have to finish my job, too. I had one more task to do here in Appalachia, and... I'm close. Let me clean up my own messes. He can't tell her what it is.
5 I have to go. I'll drop off some more Emergence Kits soon. Just please, stop looking into this. There's a Robobrain on your trail, focus on that. He seems nervous and anxious.
6 0057236F 0057239D I brought another Emergence Kit... it's well past its expiration, but, well... everything is. Should be fine. He is trying to appear calm and decent, they parted poorly last time and this is his peace offering.
7 0058EAFF 0058EB02 I'm a different man now. It's been decades. I've been eating out of trash cans. I barely remember anything from back then. Pleading, indignant a bit... he's different now.
8 I have been trying to help when and where I can. I promise, I have. I've diverted the robots when possible... I just couldn't destroy them myself. He admits it.
9 I came here to Appalachia because I knew the ship was running out of fuel, and I knew it its auto-pilot would steer it here. Worried, nervous, he is actually a bit scared of the player.
10 0058EB00 0058EB05 I honestly am not sure. It's possible. When we first used the serum on Robobrains, some of them had terrible hostile outbursts... Remembering back to those days...
11 Most of those Robobrains were put down, but... you should adjust your scanner to make sure you pick them up too. Just in case... Friendly tip... quiet. He's embarrassed.
12 0058EB01 0058EB07 It was my job. I was told to do that. I don't remember the reasons why anymore. And what does it matter, anyway? It's done. It's over. He's not lying, but he isn't saying the whole truth.
13 005A175E 005A1794 I presumed Sofia might be in need of another kit.
14 005A1795 I can only guess how hard this has all been...
15 005A1796 I'm only looking to help where I can.

COMP Conversation Astronaut Emerson 017 Optional

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00574640 00574646 Everybody's gotta earn a living somehow, Sofia...
3 00574642 00574648 I just wanted to stop by with some peace offerings. That's all.
4 00574643 0057464F I'm not here to make any trouble.
5 005A174C 00574655 Oh... this is awkward.
6 00574656 Stay positive... just... stay positive.
7 00574657 We all do what we have to do...
8 00574658 I should build a place like this.
9 00574659 Just keep doing what you're doing.
10 005A19E2 Don't mind me. I come in peace. Just trying to earn a living.
11 005A19E3 I have managed to collect a few interesting bits and baubles. You're welcome to peruse if you'd like.
12 005A19E4 You did... so much for Sofia. Grateful, but you're too proud to say "thank you."

COMP Dialogue Astronaut MiscCharacters

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 005A12BD 005A1790 I'll be going then.
6 005A1791 Sofia. Such a... daring soul.
7 005A1792 We'll speak again soon, I'm sure.

HolotapeQuest COMP

(Deep Sleep program: Phase II)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 00571F10 00571F45 Phase III is now officially underway. Now, we just have to wait and see how ATHENA responds with three sources.
3 Congratulations everybody.
37 00571F29 00571F36 The U.S.S.A. is well aware of the current status, Dr. Carol, thank you. Please cooperate now.

COMP Conversation Astronaut Emerson 020 Vendor CUT

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0057463D 00574691 Don't mind me... not here to cause any trouble.
2 00574692 Hard to sleep at night sometimes, but not because of regrets. It's because of the ants.
3 00574693 Best to look on the bright side. Unless that side is a nuke blast. Don't look at those.
4 00574694 Not looking for a fight, friends.
5 00574695 World doesn't need any more angry robots, that's for sure.
6 0057463E 00574683 Just a friendly visit from your old pal, Emerson...
7 00574684 Not trying to start anything, just wanted to stop by...
8 00574685 Just wanted to see how you folks were doing, that's all.
9 00574686 I was in the neighborhood, so to speak...
10 00574687 Picked up some things while I was out... since you've got dibs, well, I brought them by.
11 00574688 I'm glad we've set all that stuff behind us. It's good to move on, right?
12 00574689 Could always be worse, always... probably, anyway.