The emergency protocols is a torso power armor mod in Fallout 4.


When installed on power armor speed is increased by 25% and damage received is reduced by 50% when the wearers health is below 20%.


In order to craft emergency protocols a power armor frame with the desired torso piece attached must be installed at a power armor station.

Adhesive (See table)
Aluminum (See table)
Circuitry (See table)
Nuclear material (See table)
Icon range
Science! Rank 4
Icon level
Emergency protocols (1)
Armor type Adhesive Aluminum Circuitry Nuclear material
Raider Icon cut 4 4 6 5
T-45 5 5 8 6
T-51 6 6 9 8
T-60 7 7 10 9
X-01 8 8 12 10


Emergency protocols is only available via crafting at a power armor station.

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