Emergency frequency RJ1138 is a radio station picked up outside of Diamond City.


It is a looped emergency message, explaining emergency protocols One Seven Echo Charlie Niner, in which the South Boston Military Checkpoint is now being used as a shelter for emergency situations, as well as being chock-full of necessities, before warning that non-military personnel would be denied entry for national security reasons.


This radio station centers on South Boston military checkpoint. It seems that there is no accessible radio station or terminal in-game controlling this broadcast.


This is an emergency message to all commonwealth army soldiers. Emergency protocols One Seven Echo Charlie Niner are in effect. If you are in distress, please proceed to the South Boston Military Checkpoint for aid. Coordinates are available in your emergency handbook. This checkpoint has been designated as a safehouse in case of enemy invasion, and is currently stocked with additional food, water, and ammunition. This safehouse is for military personnel only. Citizens, including non-military family members, will be turned away for matters of national safety. This message will repeat.


If traveling with certain companions when the site is approached, they may express a desire to disable the broadcast.

  • Hancock will comment "There has to be a way to turn that off."
  • Cait will comment "We need to find the transmitter and turn that goddamn thing off."
  • Piper Wright will comment "Yes, yes! We hear you."
  • Codsworth will comment "I wonder how long that recording has been playing, its quite intolerable."


Emergency frequency RJ1138 appears only in Fallout 4.

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