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This is a transcript for dialogue with Elsie Taylor.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00537010 0053703A Bring some coffee when you do, please!
2 0053703B Don't mention it! No, really, don't. I'm hoping to get another slice in when I get home. Cheekily
3 0053703C Thank you, ma'am. I will definitely take you up on that, next break I take. That's a ma'am between friends, not a genuinely respectful one
4 0053703D Alright, I'll find you later. Samuel might be able to help too, if you're in a hurry.
9 00537012 00537032 Hmm ... well, if you have any spare ammo, let me know.
10 00537033 Pretty good. Derrick baked a pie, you should grab a slice before it's all gone!
11 00537034 Nah, I am an angel of death with this bad boy. What more could I want? joking but confident, you are actually good with that weapon
12 00537035 Sure, Davie loves his auntie. What do you need?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
7 004299D2 004299DD Gotta talk to Paige about those Sunny bots. They're giving me the creeps.
8 004299DE Hmm ... maybe I could scrounge together stuff to build Davie a popgun to practice with.
9 004299DF Great, that's all we need now. Rain.
10 004299E0 So glad to be away from the Pitt.
11 004299E1 Maybe if this place keeps going, I should get a dog to help me guard the house.
47 0059780F Derrick and I can finally settle down here. I've put down my guns and work the land now.
50 004299D3 00429A20 Hey! Good to see you.
51 00429A21 I can't imagine what it must've been like for Samuel to grow up in a Vault. Must've been hard to try to survive like the rest of us after that.
52 00429A23 This place is a godsend. It's terrible north of here, just a poisoned, blasted wasteland.
53 00429A24 You got any kids? My family's the only thing that matters to me. The only thing.
86 0042AFC3 I'm glad you brought those soldiers back with you. Brings me a lot of peace of mind to have them watching out for this community now.
119 0057BB75 Come join us for some music. We play every night.
120 0057BB76 Every night we play music on the deck. You don't want to miss it.
121 0057BB77 This is a great way to end the day.
122 0057BB78 Its nice to relax to some music at the end of the day.
123 0057BB79 Time to get some shut eye.
124 0057BB7A Time for bed. I'm tired. Building this place is hard work.
125 0057BB7C Morning. greeting
134 00597825 Get lost before I get my shotgun.
135 00597826 You keep showing up here, I'm going to have to put a bullet in your skull.
136 00597827 Beat it, before I beat the crap out of you.
140 0059782C Americans tamed this wilderness once before. We'll do it again, starting right here in Foundation.
145 0059F00D Another day of hard work.
146 0059F00E Afternoon. greeting
147 0059F00F Evening. greeting
157 0058EC97 0058ECA2 What don't I do? ... I guess I'm most known for being a great shot, but I also help out with stuff that needs building. don't is emphasized, tired/joking but then answering more seriously
158 0058EC98 0058ECA4 Best way to get to know someone is either to fight them or share a meal. I recommend sharing a meal.
159 Samuel is one of our newer citizens. Maybe you can be his friend. He's from a Vault, like you.
160 0058EC99 0058ECA0 He's mine all right. Mine and Derrick's.
161 He's a good kid. Now that we made it here, maybe he'll have a chance to grow up.
162 I'm teaching him how to shoot, but I hope we can make this place safe enough he never has to use a gun.
178 0058EC9D 0058FE0B Come on in. Everyone is welcome so long as they don't cause any trouble.
180 0059025D Hi there.
181 0059025E Have you seen Davie? That son of mine can disappear faster than a corpse in a wendigo cave.
196 00593D2C 00429A22 If you see anything lurking around outside of town, let me know. I need some target practice.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
231 005751A5 0057BB7B I've made a lot of friends here in Foundation. Nobody special yet though, if you know what I mean.