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What don't I do? I guess I'm most known for being a great shot, but I also help out with stuff that needs building.

Elsie Taylor is a member of the Settlers residing in Foundation.


A former enforcer from the Pitt, Elsie was unhappy with life as a raider and longed for a change. Falling in love with then-enslaved Derrick Taylor and having a son with him only solidified her desire to leave. They eventually staged a bloody escape in which she killed eight raiders on the way out. She suffered a cracked rib and a bullet grazed her scalp, but managed to keep her husband completely unharmed. The raiders stopped looking for them after she ambushed the first hunting party they sent. During the next years, Elsie and her family always kept moving, never staying on the same spot for more than a week. Elsie considered that was not the way to rise a child, but all that finally changed when they arrived at Foundation.[2]

She is known around Foundation for her skilled marksmanship, making her one of the few skilled lookouts for the settlement.[1] Additionally, Elsie also helps with the Settlers' construction efforts. She is training her son Davie how to shoot so that he can protect himself, but hopes that they can build up Foundation enough that he won't have to ever use a gun. Elsie is contemplating to get a dog to guard her house if the settlement keeps prospering.[3]

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Lumberjack outfit
Wedding ring


Elsie Taylor appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



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