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Elsie's journal is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders. It was written by Elsie Taylor.


The note can be found in the Taylors' home at Foundation, on a kitchen counter.


I'm not much of a writer, but Derrick won't do it, so I have to. Davie deserves to have it written down.

Derrick and I met in the Pitt. He was stuck building things for them. I was one of their enforcers. I was already hating that job and he was hating his. We agreed we both hated the Pitt. But it wasn't until Davie came along that we decided to do something about it.

Derrick hates guns, but he used one that day. Never hit anything he was aiming at. I had to put eight of them down to get us out of there. I came out with a cracked rib and a bullet graze on my scalp. I'm proud to say that Derrick never got a scratch.

After I ambushed the hunting party they sent after us, they must have decided we weren't worth the pain. Never saw another Pitt raider.

Now we're here in Foundation. We were always on the move before. Never staying anywhere more than a week. That's no way to raise a child. Foundation has changed all that. It's changed all that for you, Davie.