Now, I'm not one to question the Directorate... you all know that. I don't even want to know where this came from. But... well, this is troubling. Dangerous, possibly. I will do my best to make sure risks are minimized, but I really do hope that the consequences are understood.

Doctor Elliott was a scientist that worked in the Bioscience division of the Institute on a number of projects, including crop yields.


In August 2178, Elliot was assigned by the Directorate to work on the newly established FEV program, in hopes of creating the first 3rd generation synths. Despite initial reservations, Elliot agreed to work on the program and spent decades experimenting on captives from the Commonwealth and turning them into super mutants.

Despite this, few results were gained, which Elliot and the rest of the team believed was due to the captives suffering from too much radiation. As a result, in March 2224, Elliot made a new proposal of how to proceed.


Doctor Elliott is mentioned only in Fallout 4.

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