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Ellie's notes are a paper note in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Nuka-Cola Collector Workshop." The note is written by Ellie.


The note can be found on a desk on the first floor of the Nu Cafe Ola diner during Carbonated Concerns.


2nd of May 2286

New notebook for my new location and a fresh start!

A few friends and I headed west, along the caravan routes to Boston. And now here I am, in an absolutely amazing diner! I think we'll stay for a while. I've already made myself at home. It's a wonder that the place hasn't been looted clean.

People I met in Diamond City told me to stay away from the Pond. Not sure what "Swan" is, but I'm not too keen on finding out.
21st of June 2286

I've heard rumors that Nuka-World has turned into a trade hub of sorts. I'd like to visit one day. The hike over the mountains can't be that bad. I've got a killer blister on my left foot, so a trip will have to wait.
5th of December 2286

Got a letter from my sister! She's heading to Nuka-World sometime after the new year. Not sure what her plan is, but I'll have to try to make it to her!
18th of March 2287

Returned from Nuka-World.

Full of raiders. Scary.

No sign of sis.
22nd of July 2287

Raiders came to pay a visit.

I gave them most of what I had to leave us alone. Who knows when they'll show up again. Maybe we can stay safe if we can attract a friendlier kind of attention. I could get the diner running again. But who would venture out to the Commons to grab a bite to eat?

Traveling to Quincy next week to trade for anything that could keep us safer out here.

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