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Ella's logs is a holotape that was cut from Fallout 76.


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Strangler Feed

Key Ingredient: Irradiated bone meal*
Best Source: Deathclaw nests**

Chemicals to locate at Dyer Chemical
- Nitrogen
- Phosphorous
- Potassium

Mix at Dyer Chem and FLUSH into the river to permeate the swamp and get those pods BLOOMING!

*See Logs for more details. Don't hate me!
**See Tracking Bone Meal entry to locate.

Tracking Bone Meal

Thanks to Niraj's absolutely amazing daughter, Abbie, I now have a working bone meal tracker. That's right all you interested parties, this lady's not impressed with your flowers or sweet talk. You got medical or technical expertise? I'm yours!

She set up a station that uses the radiation detection meter on the Pip-Boy, so all I need to do is install it to get it to work. Then I just need to polish up my Deathclaw slaying skills!

Install Radio Tracking

Retrieving files...
Installing files...

Installation complete.

Congratulations! You now have the ability to track down highly irradiated Deathclaw excrement which Ella so lovingly calls "bone meal." For an exciting time, tune into your friendly "Radiation Signature Tracker" station. Good luck and happy hunting!

- Abbie



Test logs for strangler pods.

Flower Power

I'm getting this show on the road because radiation isn't going to cure itself! To start, I'm working with purified water, antiseptic, and some fresh strangler pods. Almost lost my hand to a gulper getting these babies, but Randy shot him square in the face with the shotgun, so score one point for humanity.

First test, I'm going to run with your typical boiled reduction of the pods and see what shakes out.


It turns out the boiled reduction was a no go with the pod casing itself. That thing soaked up radiation like a sponge in sea water.

I scooped out the innards and boiled them for about thirty minutes to get a good proper reduction, mixed in the antiseptic. I'd say the ratio's about 3:2:1 right now: reduction, antiseptic, water.

I tested it on Charlie since he was going hunting anyway. No adverse affects, but who knows... it's Charlie. He's not the brightest bulb, but least he's easy on the eyes.


Wouldn't you know it, that first test worked, though not as well as I'd have liked. Charlie said the radiation in the water didn't seem to bother him, but I could tell from my readings that it wasn't as effective as it should've been. I willing to bet it's because they haven't bloomed.

This just means I need to brainstorm a way to get these babies blooming. Some sort of fertilizer maybe? Time to get the old gears turning.

Formulating Fertilizer

I've been wrestling with this all night, but I think I got a half cocked plan that just might work.

Dyer Chem's not far, and I'm pretty sure it's got what I need. I'm thinking we go for the trifecta first: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, but it'll need a kicker. Radiation made these stranglers what they are today, so maybe it needs a little radioactive punch.

This swamp's chock full of homemade radioactive bone meal which could be just what the the doctor ordered. Sure, the best place to find it may be in Deathclaw nests, but getting those flowers to bloom will be worth it. With a little help from Abbie, I think we made a decent way to find some, too.

Now I just need to get this info to Raleigh, so I can get a team together and see where this goes.