Ella's log: The Mire is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is recorded by Ella Ames.


It can be found at Ella Ames' bunker, next to a broken terminal on a desk.



Ella: July 15, 2079. Wow. Who would've thought a little radiation would turn this world upside down?

We were down in those bunkers for what, a couple years? There's no way radiation did all this by itself in that amount of time. I mean, first off, this place is crawling with these orange-red vines, the likes of which there is no precedent for. I saw a toad that wouldn't fit in a bathtub, a 12 point with two heads, be still my heart, and insects you don't even want to know about.

I've started taking samples for analysis. Hopefully, the plants can still be used for some good old holistic treatments. Raleigh's getting to work on a series of tests for the water and soil. I guess we can count ourselves lucky the air's breathable.

But this place... I grew up here and I barely recognize it. There's no way we were prepared for this. Toxicity levels, slight mutations, yes. But I'm telling you, Darwin would lose his mind out here.

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