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This is a transcript for dialogue with Elizabeth Taggerdy (holotapes).


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 000632EE 0006335D Some of you already know this - but it's time for everyone to get a full brief on Operation Spyglass.
2 000632ED 00063398 Grant?
3 000632EC 00063428 I know you've all been pushed hard. But you are Knights and Squires of the Brotherhood of Steel. Discipline is expected of you.
4 000632EB 00063499 If that happens on your watch, grab the Scribe's Scanning Module and mobilize. We don't know how long the station can track Ground Zero.
5 000632E7 000634D0 No. We hold the line here. Week after week, month after month. And the more Scorchbeasts we kill, the more that keep coming.
6 Elder Maxson didn't task us with holding Defiance. The job's to end them for good.
7 You all know what's at stake if the Scorchbeasts breach the perimeter in force and nest elsewhere.
8 Spyglass is mission critical. And if the Operation means painting a target on your back, you'll do it and you'll like it.
9 Dismissed.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
10 00079E1B 0026A16F The mission first. Rig. The. Charges. Irritated, barking an order
11 0009DC20 0026B1EA Get it online now, Knight. Barking an order
12 0009CE93 0026B218 Place the charges. It's now or never. Said with great urgency
13 000183CC 0026B2A7 Ad victoriam!!! Her last words as she detonates a bomb on herself - BOOM
14 001EFB31 0026B2A9 Fall back! Slow and steady. Into the killing ground! Battle hardened CO barking commands on the battlefield
15 002B7241 002B72E1 I'm not thinking of some far off future, Elder. I'm worried about today. And tomorrow. She doesn't see his vision, only the mountain she must climb - fierce
16 We're fighting non-stop to keep the Bravos contained. I can't afford a weak link. Stern - full of confidence (already not treated Maxson as the boss)


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
17 002B725D 002B72A5 I... I understand. But a Brotherhood? Knights? I'm supposed to call you, what, Elder? She's persuaded by the argument, but confused
18 002B7260 002B72AB A Brotherhood of Steel? What's that even mean? The men over here are confused. Downplaying it, people were very confused - kind of worried Roger has lost his mind
19 002B72A1 002B72AF So we hug the line, move hard, move fast. And we may catch the marines with their pants down. Thinking to herself, with pride - her units is about the wipe the floor with the fake enemies
20 002B7282 002B72B0 Roger, you're a traitor. I could be court-martialed even talking to you. Firm, some anger under the surface'
21 002B7250 002B72B5 No. Of course not. But I think we may need something bigger. More final. Working up to the next bit, knows Maxson will be a hard sell
22 002B726F 002B72B6 So look to your left, look to your right. Promise to give your all to protect them, and they will protect you. Gives it a heartbeat for people to obey - solemn
23 Make no mistake, this will be the toughest fight of our lives. Grim promise
24 But we will win, because we're fighting for something. For each other, for our children, for civilization. Hope rings through, belief rings through
25 002B7245 002B72BB Roger, we don't have the men for the mission. The Bravos just keep coming. Sharing her fear- the task seems hopeless
26 002B7286 002B72BC Captain. I heard... I heard you're a traitor. Cautious, some anger - she trusted Maxson so much, so this is the echo of that betrayal
27 002B7270 002B72C2 I'm a soldier, a Paladin, and I tell you that this is our moment. Giving them courage
28 We will never be stronger, and the Super Mutant's never weaker. A professional soldier making a definitive proclamation
29 If you are thinking in the heat of battle to run, live to fight another day, know this. Scorn at this hypothetical person
30 There is no other day. We win here, now, Responders and Brotherhood together... or we will die. Grim, defiant
31 002B7280 002B72C3 Captain... Thinking it over, is mostly swayed by her old friend and CO
32 002B729F 002B72C4 What is it, Moreno? A little irritated, "Make this fast"
33 002B725A 002B72CA Is this necessary? She doesn't believe, but she's a good soldier, she'll follow order
34 002B7254 002B72D1 Elder. I've read Scribe Takano's reports. I've talked with Grant a lot, too- Serious
35 002B7271 002B72D3 Civilization. Starts serious
36 The Brotherhood and Responders together have paid a high price to make that word mean something in Appalachia. Acknowledging the Responders that are here
37 Despite all the changes, farmers have worked the land, people have learned new skills, and we've built a new world. Proud, proud of them - and herself for helping
38 And the Super Mutants threaten all of that. Now Grim
39 002B726E 002B72D9 Now let's show these Muties what we're made of. Building up to a cheer from the crowd
40 002B7247 002B72DA Elder, I'm not ready for this. Can't the Scribes do anything about it? Worried, fretting - so much is riding on her
41 002B7290 002B72DC Turn that off. Grim, thinking fast - barking an order
42 002B7298 002B72DE In the event of a nuclear exchange, we are to immediately seek orders from a superior. Citing the regulations from memory, treating this as a theoretical exercise
43 002B7252 002B72E0 The Sonic Generators work but there's just too many Sierra Bravos. This strategy of ours, it's just delaying the inevitable. Grim pronouncement
44 002B7262 002B72E4 Thank you, Captain. It's just us. Said shortly after the all staff briefing on the Brotherhood of Steel, Lizzy is skeptical - deeply
45 002B724A 002B72EA Yes, Elder. Knows she didn't succeeded, professional soldier again - no emotion
46 002B7243 002B72EC Elder, you trust the outsiders too readily. They will betray you. Calling at a deep fault she finds with Roger
47 002B724C 002B72ED But if we don't deal with the Bravos once and for all, they could kill everyone. Urgent, stands up to Maxson
48 All life on this continent. That's what Takano said, right? Said as cold as death, she's thinking of survival
49 002B724E 002B72F0 One of the squires on patrol found a nuclear silo. Still functional. Professional soldier
50 002B727F 002B72F7 We'll monitor this band. Taggerdy out. Despite her better judgment she gives in, then leaves quick
51 002B7297 002B72F9 For the purpose of these war games, however, we are completely on our own. Cut off from command. Mulling things over, but the rule book doesn't work because of the War Games
52 002B7288 002B72FA Lieutenant Taggerdy here. Captain? It's you? Professional, cautious
53 002B728A 002B72FB Give that to me. Surprised, grabbing the mic
54 002B7295 002B7301 None that I know of- Still mulling
55 002B7284 002B7302 That's where I am. The Thunder was running war games against some jarheads. Doesn't know if she should trust her old CO. Cautious.
56 002B7257 002B7304 I'll do my best to see the orders carried out, sir. Full professional soldier, I don't need to believe, I'll follow orders
57 002B72A3 002B7305 We're in the mission boundary, right, Weber? Slightly out of breath, CO to a subordinate
58 002B728D 002B7307 I can't make anything out. A little out of breath, said as she's running to hear