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I... I understand. But a Brotherhood? Knights? I'm supposed to call you, what, Elder?About the Brotherhood

Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy was the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia.


Before the Great War, Elizabeth Taggerdy was a lieutenant in the US Army Rangers and a friend of Captain Roger Maxson. She commanded a US Army Ranger unit called Taggerdy's Thunder. Before the Great War, the Thunder was sent to Appalachia for wargames. After the War, and following Maxson declaring himself to be in desertion from the Army and founding the Brotherhood of Steel, he contacted Taggerdy after using a satellite and persuaded her and surviving members of her ranger unit to form a chapter of the Brotherhood.[1]

Taggerdy's Brotherhood chapter was trying to repel the Scorched, but it was a war of attrition that her forces couldn't win. She considered using nukes to stop them, but she was forbidden to do so by Elder Maxson. Without a better option, she launched Operation Touchdown: An attack with her best troops against what was thought to be a main scorchbeast nest in the glassed cavern. Though they managed to kill many scorchbeasts, they were overwhelmed and killed. In her last moments, she realized that the place was a laboratory and someone must have engineered the beasts. She was declared dead by February 2095.[2]

Since no scorchbeasts appeared in the sky afterward, the operation was considered a success, though paid with a heavy price. However, the numbers of scorchbeasts started to grow and in nine months, the rest of the Brotherhood was killed during an attack on Fort Defiance.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
BoS combat armor Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy's ID
Detonator (nearby)


Elizabeth Taggerdy appears only in Fallout 76.


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