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Elizabeth Chambers - 20771019 is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Nuclear Winter.


The tape can be found inside Vault 51, on the bar in the lounge room. Unlike most other holotapes inside Vault 51, this does not require any overseer rank to access.


ZAX: Recording. Candidate Elizabeth Chambers, October 19, 2077. Greetings. I am ZAX. Welcome to Vault 51. I will be assisting you however I can during your new life in the Vault. It is a pleasure to meet you, candidate Elizabeth Chambers.

Elizabeth: Hello... ZAX is it? I'm sure you've been told about my husband & I as... "special guests" in the Vault. We've been told this place will be a little... different? But, of course, we're fully committed to whatever your "mission" is and excited to build a new future together! What does the Overseer have planned for this place?

ZAX: Currently, there is no Overseer of Vault 51. Would you like to be Overseer, candidate Elizabeth Chambers?

Elizabeth: No Overseer? But my secretary told me... you know what, it doesn't matter, I know the perfect man for the job. My husband, Senator Joel Chambers? He's already a serving politician, an all-star collegiate athlete and a born leader of men. He'd be perfect as Overseer! We've been the perfect team for years. Almost went to Washington, you know!

ZAX: Intriguing. I will ask candidate Joel Chambers if he wants to be Overseer. He is currently in the lounge with candidate Carmen Greene. Please hold.

Elizabeth: Wait, ZAX, what was that? He was WHERE with WHO?


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