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Eliza map of home is a paper note in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

The map shows the route to Eliza's home, with key landmarks drawn along a twisting path.


The map can be found on the Cranberry Island, in one of possible 12 locations. The first note found is the map, the seven that follow are the Eliza journals.


Draw a map of home sweet home


  • The yellow lightning bolt symbols on the map mark the locations of the 3 generators that must be repaired and activated for the hidden door to Eliza's family bunker to unlocked. The three red lights outside of the bunker entrance indicate how many generators have been activated. The bunker is in the vicinity of Cranberry Island Bog, located inside a green shipment container, below the house with a chemistry station.
  • The generator numbers are not what the map implies. #1 is central, #2 is to the north and #3 is to the west.

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