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The Eliza journals are a series of seven paper notes made by Eliza Gibbons in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


All journals are located on Cranberry Island, in 12 possible locations. Once the first one, Eliza map of home is found, followed by seven journals, the other four do not spawn anymore, unless you don't pick up the note by the east generator, there will be a blank note but it can only be acquired by commanding a follower to get it because it is invisible.

  • On Cranberry Island docks, on a buried table in the barn with the red rusted truck next to it.
  • On a barrel behind a barn on the docks, just east of the beached boat.
  • Directly southeast of the docks, on a shelf in the easternmost barn.
  • On a yellow generator north of Cranberry Island Bog.
  • On a table next to a weight scale in a barn with a red roof, center of the island next to the flatbed trailer that was being loaded.
  • On the yellow generator directly southwest of the bog
  • On a table in the lone red-roofed barn at the south end of the bog.
  • On the boardwalk of the Cranberry Island supply shed.
  • On a blue pipe near the south of the island.
  • On an elevated small boardwalk at the left center of the island.
  • On a table near a generator at the west coast.
  • On the bed in a ruined house at the west coast.


Journal 1

February 15th, 2077
Grandpa Pat was yelling in his sleep tonight. He's done it before, but this time it was so loud it woke me up. I saw Mom head over to make sure he's okay. Glad she remembered her coat, it looks like it's freezing out there. I heard her talking to dad the other day about Grandpa moving in with us soon. I don't think I want him to.

Journal 2

March 2nd, 2077
Nathan was out by the output pipes again, over by Grandpa's. I was going to tell Mom but he saw me looking out at him when he came back to the house and told me to go back to bed. He always looks angry now. If I tell her about it he will only bully me more.

Journal 3

March 19th, 2077
Dad and Steven were yelling at each other when they came home from morning chores. I do not know why but I did hear Dad tell him that if he doesn't keep the pumps running "It'll mean more than just the pipes shuting down!" I wish Steven would just do his chores. I hate it when they fight.

Journal 4

May 21st, 2077
I got home from stacking boxes at the dock and saw that Grandpa was sitting out on the porch yelling at the sky... saying things like, "They're gonna take our farm!", "We gotta stop them from tempering with our Reels and Generators. The harvest is comin' up!" We knew something was wrong after grandma died when he started accusing Nathan of messing with the machines around the farm. But now he just complains about the government trying to shut us down.

Journal 5

July 23th, 2077
I wish Grandma was still around. Our family didn't argue as much and Grandpa... well. I miss her too.

Journal 6

August 8th, 2077
We heard Grandpa talking about those "Damned Government Goons" again. Dad tried to calm him down by telling him "The whole farm's insured. Remember? We wrote up the papers last month when we went in to finalize your Will." I asked Nathan what it meant for the farm to be 'insured' and he said I shouldn't worry about it, it just means we're safe, and that I should be more excited about what's in Grandpa's Will. I don't know what any of them are talking about...

Journal 7

October 22nd, 2077
We're just about to head to the mainland for a Halloween party! It's at Hayley's house in Bar Harbor. Everyone's going to be there! June, Elli, Emmi, Jade...and maybe even Gregory!

Nathan was supposed to take me but no one knows where he's at. He's been gone a lot lately... Mom's going to take me, I think. I can't wait to write in my journal tomorrow about what happened at the party!

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