We believe slavery is wrong and we'll do what we must to fight it. In NCR, we got a lot of friends in high places. Thanks to them we've already banned slavery down south, but now we're hoping to spread the word north.

Chief Elise is the commander of the NCR Rangers in 2241.


Elise is a pretty young woman with an affinity for combat armor. She has a no-nonsense air about her, as she is used to giving orders and having folks obey them. This trait is particularly useful in her work as a Ranger, fighting slavery on all possible fronts. Her efforts (and friends in high places) have resulted in banning slavery in southern parts of the NCR, but she hopes to spread the word and freedom northwards, where slavery is rampant.

Following the destruction of the Enclave Oil Rig, Chief Elise was one of the architects of the Ranger Unification Treaty, meeting with Desert Ranger representatives in 2271 to negotiate the terms of the treaty.

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This character starts quests.


Free the slaves in the slave pen, for the Rangers: If the Chosen One is not a slaver, they can gain membership to the Rangers by completing their test - killing Vortis and freeing the slaves in his holding center. If they bear the tattoo, however, they will just be run out of town.



Chief Elise appears only in Fallout 2, though she is mentioned by President Kimball and Hanlon in Fallout: New Vegas.

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