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For an overview of Tesla cannons in the Fallout series of games, see Tesla cannon.
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Elijah's jury-rigged Tesla cannon is a unique weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


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The Tesla cannon is a pre-War, portable, directed-energy weapon. It was designed to be used as a lightweight, compact anti-tank weapon. The design was named after Nikola Tesla, whose designs for the technology were seized by the U.S. government after his death. When used, the cannon projects a blast that will damage the enemy on impact. It will continue to gradually reduce the enemy's health due to its ability to electrify the target and its surroundings.


This weapon is identical in appearance to the Tesla-Beaton prototype, although its damage is between that and the regular Tesla cannon. It also holds more ammunition, allowing for six shots to be fired before reloading and is more durable than the Tesla-Beaton prototype, while only inflicting slightly less damage. It has the benefit of no spread at all, allowing for accurate fire if the skill requirements are met. Even though the weapon is slightly more practical than its counterparts in direct combat, its high value and low durability make it the most costly model to maintain with repeated use.


Elijah's jury-rigged Tesla cannon can fire a total of about 245 times using standard Electron charge packs, the equivalent of 41 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability
Over charge16227
Max charge9516



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Icon gunIcon damageIcon dpsIcon effectIcon attackIcon chanceIcon critical damageIcon actionIcon dapIcon spreadAssault carbine extended magazinesIcon repairIcon weightIcon merchantIcon ratioIcon abilityIcon fist
Tesla cannon 80
127.4+20Icon electrical/2s1.34x240373.20.120(4)395887001087.51008
Elijah's jury-rigged Tesla cannon Gametitle-FNV OWB85
154.2+20Icon electrical/2s1.58x245373.40.0030(6)2458135001687.51008
Tesla-Beaton prototype 90
145.8+25Icon electrical/2s1.34x245373.80.0824(4)1958125251565.61008


  • Located in the Big MT, found looking west near the wooden platform where the second sentry gun is located at Elijah's Watch.


  • After picking up the Tesla cannon 3-5 damaged or berserk Securitrons will spawn nearby.
  • This weapon has very low health so it degrades in condition very quickly.
  • Due to it previously firing only 1 shot per reload, it ejects electron charge packs every shot which is strange considering only one is loaded. Also, the electron charge pack will not appear after one shot is fired, and the end of the cannon is retracted, but it still ejects another per shot.
  • Despite the name, Elijah's jury-rigged Tesla cannon cannot be Jury Rigged with any other weapon, it can only be repaired with the standard version.
  • This weapon is one of 2 weapons in the game that have no spread, the other being the Alien blaster.


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