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Elijah's holomessage is a holotape in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


It can be found on the terminal in the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker after completing the add-on.



This Holomessage is locked. A label on the front reads "For Veronica". A strange sensor mounted on the back seems to be tied to a locking mechanism.


If the player takes the message to Veronica Santangelo it will trigger a unique dialogue. First talk to her about herself and ask about Father Elijah. Ask her where he is now and then ask her about a note. After that, close dialogue and open up dialogue again and a new dialogue option will appear. After talking to Veronica about this, if the Courier lets Veronica have the message when she requests it, Veronica gets the Elijah's Last Words perk, giving her a 150% increase of attack speed and a 25% chance to knock down enemies. If the Courier instead chooses to have Veronica return it to the Courier without watching it, the Courier will gain the Elijah's Ramblings perk which increases all melee critical hit damage by 150%

  • To receive Elijah's Last Words, select either "You should watch it" or "It's a message. The news is up to you."
  • To receive Elijah's Ramblings, select "Can you unlock it for me first? He was... vague on that point."