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The elevator is a means of transportation between floors in Fallout Shelter.


The elevator is used to move dwellers to different levels of the vault allowing the vault to be expanded. If an elevator is built without one immediately above or below it, an extra unit will be built below the built one, unless another room, rock or boulder is already below it.

Dwellers can move through the same elevator shaft regardless of the movements of other dwellers, i.e. dwellers can cross in the same shaft and do not have to wait for other dwellers to exit the shaft. They will wait for another dweller if they are getting on at the same level, because the game will not move the dweller until the door is shut.

Elevators take up 1/3 of the space of a normal room and cannot be upgraded. They also do not use power.


  • The extra elevator won't be built if a boulder, rock or room is below it.


  • If one has a dweller returning from the wasteland and rapidly zooms in on an elevator, the dweller's silhouette will appear on the elevator and the light will temporarily be green but this will go away after a second.
  • When one needs at least three available green building spots all in the same column, if they tap the space in between two of the available spaces, they are able to purchase two elevators for the price of one.


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