Welcome, hero! Damn nice work you made of the Enclave...saved all our hides, you did, and I thank you for it. Eldridge's the name. You in the market for some iron to fill that holster of yours?— Eldridge about the Chosen One destroying the Enclave Oil Rig

Eldridge is the heavily armed proprietor of New Reno Arms in 2241.


Eldridge is a heavily armed man covered with grease.[1] He is the resident gun-nut of New Reno. He has a massive weapon collection on the walls he's extremely fond of and continuously seeks out ways to expand it. He is knowledgeable in all matters, even remotely pertaining to firearms, and knows a great deal about pre-War military technology, identifying suits of power armor on the spot.

His establishment sells weapons to all crime families with the exception of the Salvatores, who get their laser weapons from the Enclave. Individual clients and groups are particularly welcome, although Eldridge can become annoyed if someone comes in asking for swords or crossbows, ignoring his considerable collection.

The inside of his shop carries NCR propaganda posters, while his room holds an NCR history holodisk, indicating that if he does not support it, he at least has nothing against it.

On his time off, Eldridge goes gang hunting occasionally. He lives with three dogs: Packard, Buck and Missy and has a family - the status of his wife is unknown, but he has at least two children.

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This character is a merchant. Sells: guns
Hand Loader
This character can modify weapons.

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This character starts quests.
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Apparel Weapon Other items
Torn old outfit
Combat leather jacket
14mm pistol
14mm AP x30


  • Maintains a separate weapon stock from the usual fare exclusive to made men of one of the New Reno families.
  • Coming in at night will turn him hostile.


Eldridge uses Algernon to upgrade weapons. If one cannot get in through the backyard, pay up!

Base Weapon Upgrade Type Cost
Cattle prod Increased electrical discharge,
Increased damage
Desert Eagle Expanded magazine,
+12 magazine capacity
.44 Magnum revolver speed loader,
Reload speed halved
Hunting rifle All-weather scope,
Increased long-range accuracy
AK-112 assault rifle Expanded magazine,
+76 magazine capacity
FN FAL Low-light scope,
Increased nighttime accuracy


Eldridge appears only in Fallout 2.


Eldridge may welcome Chosen One with thanks about: "...Damn nice work you made of the Enclave..." (see the whole quote on the top of this page) even though the Chosen One has not yet even visited any Enclave's locations.


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