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Elder Owyn Lyons—personal log is a set of holotape found scattered through the Citadel in Fallout 3.

They contain records of the personal thoughts of Elder Lyons in regards to his work with the Brotherhood of Steel in the Capital Wasteland.


  • Elder Owyn Lyons—personal log 1 - Citadel B ring, Elder Lyon's private room on the coffee table. This room is located just after the solar room.
  • Elder Owyn Lyons—personal log 2 - Citadel B ring, Elder Lyon's private room in the safe. Found along with Smuggler's End.
  • Elder Owyn Lyons—personal log 3 - Citadel laboratory, to the right of the Liberty Prime, on a white couch.


Elder Owyn Lyons -- personal log 1

According to our latest reconnaissance report, Enclave soldiers have taken complete control of the Project Purity facility. They've brutally murdered innocent scientists, including James. He went there to revive the project, and died for his efforts. They will answer for their crimes. I haven't worked so hard just to sit idly by and watch the Enclave undo what little we've accomplished here.

Personal log 1 audio recording

Elder Owyn Lyons -- personal log 2

Here I sit, in the safety of the Citadel, while the people of the Wasteland thirst, and suffer, and die. Here I sit, a failed, feeble old man. What have I really accomplished? How many have I truly helped? The Super Mutants still roam rampant. The people still die of thirst and radiation. The Western Elders cease to acknowledge my existence. Some of my own people have even gone Outcast. And now... the Enclave. Technologically superior. Infinitely resourceful. The time has come to pass the mantle to more able hands. But is she ready?

Personal log 2 audio recording

Elder Owyn Lyons -- personal log 3

I cannot -- I will not -- allow the Enclave to control the one thing that could bring even the slightest spark of hope to these people. Project Purity would mean millions of gallons of pure, clean water for the people of the Capital Wasteland. James never got the damned thing to run. Neither did we, for that matter. But the Enclave... If they controlled that much clean water... they would control the entire Capital Wasteland. I simply cannot allow that to happen.

Personal log 3 audio recording